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What’s on my work table?

My goal for 2015 was to get all of my UFOs done before buying any new projects. Well, at least to get the quilt tops done anyway. That pretty much lasted until May... then Memorial Day sales happened. Between the sales and a surprise gift certificate, I ended up buying a couple quilt kits. Sigh. Since then a couple shop hops have added to my pile of waiting kits. 

While I have a huge list of projects that are waiting on me to start, I am still aiming to keep chipping away at my UFOs... we will see how that goes. Often it is really hard to not start something new! Plus, unexpected things pop up all the time.

Until recently (Aug 2015) I have always juggled two or three block of the month quilt projects in addition to everything else, but currently I only have one new program starting in October. This will hopefully leave me with more time to focus on wrapping up unfinished projects!

My To Do List for November:

  • Get as many Christmas gifts finished as possible
  • Press Elegance and get it ready for quilting
  • Make a jacket for Anna if I find time

Works in Progress:

  • On Point Quilt - no real project page yet. This is one I keep chipping away at during bee meetings as a way to have a a little treat away from all the other projects. Because of this, I haven't taken any pictures along the way. It is just the same block repeated in different colors though, so pictures would be boring anyway!
  • Marquise - an English Paper Piecing throw sized quilt. It is my "on the go" project.

In Need of Quilting:

  • Under the Veranda - top completed August 2015 (BOM)
  • Elegance - top completed February 2015 (BOM)
  • Japanese Water Garden - top completed February 2015
  • Yellow Brick Road - pieced in October 2013 when I was brand new to sewing. It has been picked up and put down several times, and all I see is the mistakes every time I pick it up. It is in a mostly-quilted state right now, and one day I will regain motivation to finish it. Maybe.

Stalled Projects:

  • Plain & Fancy - I have been kidding myself that this was an "in progress" project until this point. As of Sept 2015 I have not worked on it in nearly three months, so it is time to admit it is stalled. There isn't much left to do on this quilt, as it only has three blocks left to make. The only other thing to do before the quilt top can be assembled is to do the stitching on the 16 appliquéd sashing blocks, which have been fused and waiting for months.
  • Garden Walk - no page for this one yet. It is a king sized quilt my mother requested. We bought the fabric for it on Black Friday 2013, and it took me until Thanksgiving 2014 to start working on it. It wasn't long before life became busy and it was set aside. Perhaps Thanksgiving 2015 will see the top completed?!
  • Thangles Sea Star - a twin sized BOM from 2014. I chose a color way that outside of my comfort zone. Mistake! I grew to dislike the fabric more and more as I worked on it and lost motivation.