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Who Knew Thumbs Were So Important?


Saturday (the day before last) I picked up my daughter to put her on a changing table while we were out to dinner. As I was removing her shoes, I noticed my left thumb was suddenly hurting. That pain grew to a severe intensity, but I tried to ignore it since a) my squiggly, squirmy daughter was on a changing table high above a hard floor and b) yelping wouldn’t have done any good. The pain quickly subsided though, and by the time I got her off the changing table it was a dull ache. So my thoughts about it were pretty much, “Well, that was weird…” and then I went about the task of ushering a curious toddler back through a busy restaurant to our table.

Sunday it was still bothering me some, but mostly at an easily ignored level. Today (Monday) though, I went back to work. My husband took my car this morning so that he could drop kiddo off at his mom’s on the way to work (my mother is the usual nanny, but had the day off), which means I took his Mini Countryman. I had to give up my Mini Clubman when the baby came along and I miss it dearly, so I was more than happy to take the Countryman since it is much sportier than my baby-hauling Mazda CX5. However, it is a manual and the steering is pretty stiff.  Between the strain of steering and typing all day, my hand was not at all happy. The ache intensified and moved down into my wrist.

Dr. Google pointed to either tendinitis (acute injury), tendonosis (chronic strain causing the injury from picking up a toddler all the time), or something called De Quervain’s syndrome/disease/tenosynovitus. All the slashes are because apparently it is called several different things, and I have no clue what the difference is, if any. Regardless, the treatment is pretty much the same so it doesn’t matter. Rest and immobilization. Healing could take six weeks. Great.

Since Google is often not the best at giving medical advice though, I called my general physician just to make sure I wasn’t being stupid. The nurse pretty much said my plan of getting a splint was good, wear it for a couple weeks, and if it doesn’t get better they will refer me to a hand specialist. Hopefully it will be better in a few days, not a few weeks!! This is totally interfering with sewing.

Saturday, before the injury, I had finished sewing together all of the Plain & Fancy stars into groups of three, with a strip of sashing between them. That meant that all was left was to sewing a long strip on the top and bottom of the blocks, and then a smaller strip to either end. I had managed to get the long strips on six or so before the blasted dogs woke the baby up from her nap, and didn’t get a chance to work on them again until tonight.

Despite my best efforts at pushing through and ignoring my hand, I just can’t do it. There is so much bias in those stars that the long strips require stretching and pinning, and it was killing my hand. After five blocks I gave up, and switched to sewing the short strips on the eleven that now had the top and bottom strips in place, since the short ones could be done without pins. Sigh. So, unless someone wants to come pin blocks for me, it looks like the sashing blocks just might be on hold for a while.

But, the good news is, eleven of the sashing blocks are done!! That is nearly half of them. And, the remaining 13 only need the border and they will be done as well.

Sorry for the dim picture. I took the photo at night, and despite having two daylight lamps shining on it and attempts at playing with the white balance, it still came out with a gray cast to it. Once I get the rest of them done, I will get  better photo.


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  1. Ouch…I hope your hand/wrist feels better soon. Injuries preventing us from doing what we love is even worse. The star sashing blocks look great. When I work with lots of biases like that, they sometimes become a little wonky.

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