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Well, that was unexpected!


After sitting here playing around with ideas for Project QUILTING’s third challenge for a couple hours, I reached a point where I was about to just give up on it entirely. Then I decided to just hop on over to Facebook and see what was going on in the world. As I scrolled down I saw Persimon Dream’s post saying, “Did you win a prize!? Find out here…” And my internal monologue replied, “No, but I’ll look anyway…” as I clicked the link.

As I scrolled down, the very first picture showed one of her daughters holding up a scrap of paper with “Hoops & Thimbles” scrawled on it. Whoa! I had to double check to make sure I was reading it right. I won a box of Aurifil thread! Yay! The colors are so pretty, I am excited to add them to my thread stash! Aurifil is the best thread, and I use it for all of my piecing. The blue and pink thread I used recently for the appliqué on my Under the Veranda January block was also Aurifil, and it came out wonderfully as well. It will be so nice to have these new colors on hand.

So, thank you to Aurifil for donating the prize, and thank you to Persimon Dreams for hosting this fun challenge. Now I am going back trying to figure out what to do for the third challenge, which is “UFOs and Orphan Blocks.” In the unlikely event that someone has neither orphan blocks or a UFO, they will assign a random quilt block to start from.

I of course have UFOs a plenty. None of which can be finished in a week’s time though, unless I do Week 1’s tree challenge that I never had time to finish. I only have orphan blocks from two quilts. There are three boring 9″ blocks left over from my Yellow Brick Road, and 24 little 1.5″ blocks from Summer Love.

IMG_7596However, I have no clue what to do with these. I sat for a while arranging and rearranging the Summer Love blocks, looking for a pattern I liked. I came close a couple times, but never found any combinations that I truly liked. Piecing the blocks on point with some sashing also came to mind, but I have never done sashing so I am having a difficult time envisioning what it would look like. Plus that would require setting triangles and I am not sure I have fabric on hand that would work for either the sashing or the setting triangles. If I do end up using these blocks, it would be for a mug rug since they are so tiny. They are also rather dark, so I would try to brighten them up a bit with some hand stitched appliqué of some kind, assuming I have the wool or felt on hand.

IMG_7602For the Yellow Brick Road blocks, I can think of nothing interesting beyond maybe randomly cutting them and sewing them back together in narrow strips just to see what comes of it. I might still try this just to see what I get, my only hesitation is dealing with the resulting craziness of the seams. At least I have the requisite name for this one picked out, “Disappearing Yellow Brick Road.” This is fashioned after classic techniques like the “Disappearing 9 Patch” or any other “Disappearing Insert Classic Block Name Here” quilt pattern. All of those quilts are made by taking a basic quilt block, cutting it into smaller sections, and the stitching those sections back in a new configuration.





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