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Veranda Tote: Complete! (finally)

November's bonus project

November’s bonus project

I am doing a block of the month, that began in October 2014, called “Under the Veranda.” The BOM is hosted by a local shop, and each month includes a lecture class and an optional bonus project. The first block was a bargello, which you can read about on my old blog here. The second block (November) was an offset brick layout, which I completed right away. The bonus project for that month however, kept getting put off due to holidays and illnesses.

Thankfully we didn’t have a December meeting, but January’s meeting rolled around before I knew it. I was literally working on the bag up until the last minute, but still failed to complete the bag in time for the monthly meeting. I managed to get everything done except for the straps, so I took it with me for show and tell anyway. As it turned out, no one else had time to complete their bags either! Only one person had actually completed theirs, and everyone else also cited Christmas and illnesses keeping them from completing their bonus project for the month.

But I have finally finished it! I just stitched the last handle on. I am really happy with how it turned out, but of course I see all sorts of little things that could be better, and will bother me forever. Like gaps in quilting for instance, the uneven spacing of the stitching I did along the straps, or a misaligned stitch on the bottom of one side. The colors I chose worked well in my opinion though, so I am quite pleased with it overall. The fabric kit for the bag had included fabric for the “bricks” that made of the pieced exterior, and then we chose the interior lining and the side panel fabric. I also chose to leave out some of the colors that I felt stood out too much from the fabric kit for the bag.

Overall I am happy with it. My mantra for the last year and a half of sewing has always been to tell myself over and over that I am still learning and I cannot expect perfection. Every mistake I make is a learning experience that will make the next project I do better. If you knew what a perfectionist I can be, or how many times I have been accused of OCD, you’d be shocked at how calmly I handle all my sewing imperfections! It is still nagging at me, but I am consciously choosing to look at it as a whole and not focus on the little things.


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