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Under the Veranda Block 6 – Flying Geese

Block 6 - Flying Geese (April)

Block 6 – Flying Geese (April)

I just finished the April block for Under the Veranda.  Well, technically I guess it would be “blocks” since there are two of them. This month’s block was made with flying geese. Yay.

Can you feel my enthusiasm? If you have seen the Flower Patch quilt top I finished earlier this month, then you probably have an idea why I wasn’t looking forward to this one. Flower Patch had 136 flying geese, plus 68 other units that were made in the same way. This is one of those blocks that is universally disliked, it isn’t just me!

Well, I take that back… I suppose someone out there must like making these blocks because there are some quilts that are made entirely with flying geese. However, every quilter I have ever mentioned flying geese to has grimaced. And when they hear about Flower Patch they look at me as if I have survived some great trial.

There are many different ways to make flying geese, and many different rulers on the market to help making them easier. None of those techniques or rulers would help me with this one though. Why? Directional fabric. If I didn’t care which way the prints ran I could have made these in a quarter of the time. So, I had to make these in the most basic and time consuming way. Still, it didn’t take long to make these as I finished the whole thing in a couple leisurely hours.

While I am not overjoyed about this block, I am glad to have one more item crossed off my to do list for this month!

You can read more about this project here.


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