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Under the Veranda Block 4 – Panel



Completed panel

Completed panel

This block had a few bumps along the way, even though it wasn’t a hard block. The issues all stemmed from my own careless cutting. First, I blindly followed the instructions to cut the background fabric WOF. The instruction booklet for this quilt has two different color ways in it, and the background fabric for one of the ways was not directional while the color way I am doing is printed directionally. The image of the quilt in the booklet is also computer generated, so the fabric was filled in with the click of a mouse and is seen running top to bottom. I like the look of the print running vertically, and that is what I wanted for my block. However, if you followed the instructions and cut the fabric WOF, you ended up with the print running horizontally! Ugh. I didn’t even think about that while I was cutting. This meant all of my green background fabric was cut wrong… or at least not how I wanted it.

So, that was my first delay in completing this block. I wasted the background fabric that was included in the month’s kit and had to go back to the store to replace it. The next problem though was completely my fault. I must have had my ruler off by 1/4 inch when I was cutting one of my background rectangles, and since I had the fabric folded in order to cut two at a time this meant I cut two blocks too small.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the mistake until I was doing the final assembly of the block. The mistake was compounded by a few factors. One: that rectangle had a half-circle appliquéd to it, which meant having to start over for those two pieces… tracing the circle on a new bit of webbing, fusing it to new fabric and then cutting the half-circles again before blanket stitching them to the background. Two: I already had the too-short block stitched to the other fabric pieces of its column, and had the sashing stitched to either side when I found the mistake. So, I had to rip all of those seams out as well as the seams that attached the rectangles to its block. Six seams total. Three: I had taken a shortcut and didn’t measure the sashing, opting to just trim it to length using the block columns as a guide. This meant my sashing was now too short as well. Luckily the sashing already required piecing to achieve the 26″ length, so I just ripped that seam and stuck a longer piece on. Thankfully there was a lot of extra fabric this month, so aside from my colossal cutting mistake of the background fabric the first time around, I had plenty of spare fabric to fix my mistakes.

So far, this is my least favorite of the blocks. I think once it is done and quilted I will like it more, but for now the mismatched fabric prints bother me. I also dislike how only the circular ends are appliquéd. I had thought about blanket stitching along the sides to even it out, but I decided against it in the end because of the way the seams wanted to lay. With the way things were pieced together, the seams wanted to lay towards the background fabric. I thought the stitching would cause too much pull on the fibers of a single layer of fabric, even with stabilizer, and would most likely cause unsightly puckering or bunching. I will just have to wait and hope that detail gets lost in the quilt when everything is put together, I think it will. Or, who knows, maybe I will experiment with some scraps of fabric and see if my theories are valid. I have plenty of time!




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