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Under the Veranda Block 2 – Offset Bricks


This post was originally written on, and was back-dated when moved to this site in order to preserve continuity.

November’s block was another easy one that went together pretty quickly. This is one that I was looking forward to because I have had a very similar throw pattern sitting around for a while now. It took me only two nights to complete it, even though it was pretty big. The first night I cut my fabric, planned the layout, and stitched all the rows. The second night I joined the rows to create the block, which took hardly any time at all. There are no “making of” photos for this month because they would have been pretty boring (but then they usually are I guess). This quilt was a simple matter of cutting two different sizes of rectangles, stitching them into rows, then joining the rows. Done. Nothing fancy about this one in the least.

The bonus project for this month is a large tote bag, although I didn’t snag any photos of the example. I think I will actually make this project, unlike last month when I was all set to make the table runner and then went in a totally different direction. Although, lately I have been itching to get started on a quilt that has being laying on my “to do” shelf since last Thanksgiving though… so I am warring with myself on which I want to start first!

Block 2 - Offset Bricks (November)

Block 2 – Offset Bricks (November)


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