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Under the Veranda Block 1 – Bargello


This post was originally written on, and was back-dated when moved to this site in order to preserve continuity.

By definition, a bargello quilt is one that is made of strips of fabric sewn together to create movement. This was my first experience with bargello, and I must say I really liked it. While it may look a little daunting to see these 110 blocks sewn together in a pattern, it actually is really fast and easy.

You start with strips of fabric, and sew them all together to form one large block. Next, you sew the top and bottom of that block together to create a tube/loop of fabric. You take that tube and cut it into strips, then rip the seams in various places in order to convert your tube of fabric into a flat strip of pieced squares. I know I did a poor job of explaining that, so I have pictures below.

Since the block was easy and resulted in left over strips of fabric, a bonus project was given as well. The bonus project was supposed to be a table runner, but I must have gone wrong somewhere cause mine came out looking like a box. I kid, I kid. After buying the additional fabric needed to complete the table runner, I decided I didn’t really want to make it. So I spent the month contemplating what I wanted to do with my spare strips and came up with a box! I ended up finishing it the night before my class for Block Two. I think it came out pretty well!


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