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Time is running out to vote!


Voting closes tomorrow at 8pm CDT for Project QUILTING. If you haven’t already voted, head over there now to vote for you favorite six projects! I am looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow night. As usual, I’m not saying this to beg votes, I just want to support everyone participating in the challenge.

I am also eager to see what the next challenge is, but I have to wait for Sunday. Hopefully I will have time to participate in it, I have really enjoyed the previous challenges. This is my first time breaking away from patterns created by other people, and it has definitely been a fun learning experience.

In the meantime, I will be working on Japanese Water Garden (JWG) and maybe Under the Veranda. Last night I made good progress on JWG, and may even be able to finish the quilt top by the end of the weekend. I still haven’t started stitching the current Veranda block, since I need to pick up some replacement fabric for the background. I cut everything last weekend, all excited to start on it, only to find that the instructions provided ended up with the background print going in a different direction than I wanted. Mulligan!

Last night I finished up the lanterns for JWG, and stitched all the triangles together to form rectangles. Stitching the triangles wasn’t as bad as it could have been, since batiks aren’t as stretchy as regular cotton fabric. I did employ my straight stitch needle plate though, to help keep the tiny fabric points from getting sucked under. I also used a lesson learned while doing the Elegance quilt and trimmed one of the corners to help line things up. Tonight might not see much progress, since the hubby and I have a date night. I am really hoping to at least start on stitching the pond together though!


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