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The Bottom Line


I picked up some new thread yesterday, Superior Thread’s “The Bottom Line.” This is a 60wt thread, which means it is pretty thin. Sizing in the world of sewing is rather confusing. The higher the number for a thread weight, the thinner the thread. The same is true for hand sewing needles; the smaller the number, the larger/longer the needle. For machine needles things make a bit more sense as higher numbers mean larger needles.

This thread was highly recommended by others that have done English Paper Piecing, and it is also recommended for appliqué.  The reason it is called the “Bottom Line” is probably because it is meant to be used in the bobbin when machine sewing, which means it is the thread on the bottom. The thin thread sinks into fabric and virtually disappears.

I started stitching some with it last night. First I did a little more work on my second Marquise block, and then I picked up the hexies I was playing with as a practice run before starting my real EPP project. I think I have finally decided those hexies will become a tote bag, I just need to piece enough of them together first. So I am juggling two EPP projects now I guess.

The results were pretty awesome, I can see why people love this thread so much. See my hexies? I did a ladder stitch on these two using a gray thread, and the stitches are nearly invisible. (the letter I wrote on the back was just to help me remember where I wanted it to go when I was away from the main body of the block… the ink will disappear when an iron hits it)


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