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Stars, Done!


Last night I finally finished my sashing stars for Plain & Fancy! I still need to assemble them into blocks of three, but I am in the homestretch now. These stars took forever… I have been working on them for a few weeks now. Not only are they time consuming, but I have been a bit limited on sewing time lately. It took a lot of will power to get through these and, now that they are done, a weight has been lifted. Just a little more work and the sashing blocks will be completely done! This feels like a huge milestone, just around the corner.

There are 24 of each color, equalling 72 stars. These will be assembled in blocks of three to end up as 24 sashing blocks. As far as what went into making those 72 stars…. 288 flying geese, 72 (2.5″) squares, 288 (1.5″) squares, a lot of Best Press, and a many many hours.



    • Robyn

      Isn’t it?! I feel like I should have a whole quilt made for all the sewing I put into these little blocks. Last night when I told my husband I had finally finished all the stars, I tried to explain what was involved in it. Someone that doesn’t quilt will never get it though lol.

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