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Welcome to my blog! I had toyed with the idea of calling this site “The Bedtime Quilter” because I only get a chance to sew after my daughter has gone to bed, but in the end I decided to use the same name as my Etsy shop. If you have found your way to this page through Etsy, feel free to contact me if you see anything you are interested in since my shop is kind of bare most of the time.

This site is mostly meant as a diary of all my sewing adventures, but perhaps one day it will become something more. I am relatively new at this hobby, as I have only been sewing since the summer of 2013. That summer I was pregnant with my daughter, and was having trouble finding maternity pants the right length for me. I decided to finally get a sewing machine and learn how to hem my own pants. It seemed such a shame to have the sewing machine sitting around for only the occasional hemming job though, so I decided to try my hand at another project.

This lead to my thumbing through a book of patterns at a local Hancock’s, where I happened upon a baby quilt pattern that was adorable and perfect for the nursery’s theme of owls and other forest critters. That quilt was the beginning of it all!

Luckily I went to a local quilt shop to pick out the fabric for that quilt, and the lovely staff there helped me get started by deciphering the language of the McCall’s pattern and showing me the basic tools I would need for the job. The clerk even gave me her old cutting mat and a wonderful book to get me started, which was just the beginning of the kindness and generosity I would experience in the community of quilters.

Making that first quilt was a lot of fun, and I have been sewing ever since! Looking back on that quilt, there are so many things that I could have done much better. When I pull that one out of the closet now I almost cringe looking at it, although when I first completed it I was so proud. Perhaps I will remake it one day to show how far I have come. That being said, I am still learning new things every day. Part of the purpose of this blog is to track my progress and hopefully share some tips with others along the way.

My sewing continues to expand to include other things as well, such as bags and the occasional garment. In addition to machine sewing, I have also enjoyed making some hand-sewn projects as well. Many years ago as an eighth-grader, my home economics teacher showed all the girls how to cross-stitch some tiny ornaments. That was enjoyable and afterwards I did a little cross-stitch here and there over the years, but that was the extent of my sewing history. The hand projects are great for times when I can’t be at my sewing machine, or when I just have an itch to do some handwork.

I am just getting this page off the ground, but you will soon find pages showing off my various sewing projects. Stay tuned!