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Reddit Gift Exchanges


I have only joined a Reddit gift exchange once before, and that was last January. A Reddit gift exchange is kind of like being matched with a random secret santa, who you then mail a gift to. In turn, a different random stranger sends you a gift. The rules are pretty simple, they suggest the gift be at least $20 in value and it has to be relevant to the topic of the exchange. There are also of course deadlines for signing up, and then another for sending the gift. They attempt to keep people honest by using a credit system in which you start out with one credit, and then earn credits for every gift you send. That way, if you don’t send a gift you don’t get credits to use in future exchanges.

The first exchange I joined was a mixed experience. The topic of that exchange was Studio Ghibli, which is a very famous anime production company that is beloved all over the world. I just happened to have some awesome wooden Studio Ghibli bento (lunch box) sets that were just sitting in a box in the closet. A friend in Japan had sent a few of them to me years ago, and I still had one that I never opened. These lunch boxes were impossible to find in the US then, and probably equally impossible to find in Japan now… so I thought it might make someone happy to receive one. Hopefully they enjoyed it.

The “santa” I was matched with though, didn’t send me anything. Luckily there are nice folks that sign up to be a “rematch,” and these kind folks send gifts out to people for nothing in return. My rematch sent me a pretty neat Cat Bus movie Madraza

The current Reddit exchanges include yarn, needlecraft, and fabric! I signed up for the needlecraft one, in which participants exchange supplies for needlecraft. I was afraid to sign up for the fabric one, since you never know if you will be exchanging high quality fabric for cheap stuff. Plus, fabric is so dependent on an individual’s tastes that I would never know what to send.

The matching for the needlecraft exchange will be done by a computer program on March 16, and the deadline for shipping a gift is April 3. We will see how this one goes. I am pretty eager to get my match in a couple weeks! Hopefully whoever it is will have a good description of what they like to make, so that it will be easy to find something they will enjoy.

Side notes: I still haven’t finished Plain & Fancy’s second block. I just couldn’t muster motivation to work on it for some reason. It is nearly done… I really just have six more seams to sew. It is laying next to my machine, waiting for me to sit down and show it some love. Maybe I can start stitching tonight and will have a new block to show you tomorrow. Last night though, I spent all my time pondering and playing with ideas for the next Project QUILTING challenge.


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