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Project Quilting & MLK Sales Knock Me Off the Wagon


Yesterday I fell off the wagon. Despite my resolution to stay away from purchasing new fabric or starting new projects, I stopped at My Sewing Shoppe on the way home. They were having a 50% off fabric sale for MLK day to make way for new inventory, the rules just being that it had to be a yard cut or greater. Nearly all the fabric in the store was included in the sale, the only exceptions being solids, flannels, and a few bolts of what I presume were new arrivals. I came home with much more than I had intended, per usual.

My plan had just been to pick up some fabric to use for the current Project Quilting challenge. This challenge was my one exception to the “no new projects” rule I had set for myself, since the idea of having a week to come up with an idea and complete a project based on a theme intrigued me. Of course, when I got to the shop, I was third or fourth in line and everyone ahead of me had huge piles of fabric. This gave me too much time to browse while I waited my turn.

I ended up picking up 6.5 yards of fabric, plus several fat quarters, and a couple bundles of half-yard cuts. That included 1.5 yards each of two fabrics in the Modern Roses collection, which I already had a charm pack for. My plan was to use this yardage with that charm pack to make a little stroller quilt… but alas, when I got home I realized I had made a poor decision in one of the colors. So, instead of the sashing I had in mind, that fabric will now be backing and I will have plenty left over for my stash. This of course means I need to purchase more fabric! I am sure I will find myself at the Shoppe again soon to pick up the color I should have gotten.

Since I have had my eye on making a cut chenille blanket for a while now, I had planned on getting some flannel while I was there. However, they had stashed the non-sale bolts in the classroom and the flannel was buried deep. I went on memory of the colors I had seen in their flannel collection, I picked up 1.5 yards of a cotton to use on that future project. Their flannel has been on sale for $6 something a yard for a while now, so that will be relatively inexpensive to grab next time I am in the shop. In a moment of weakness I also picked up a cutting tool that will help with that blanket, even though I really could have waited to purchase that. I may have an impulse control problem.

As I was waiting patiently I discovered that even though they had only said one yard+ cuts from the bolt were in the sale, any of the precuts that were cut by the store (as in no bundles from the manufacturer) were also included. Hence the aforementioned fat quarters and half-yard bundles. In the fat quarters I found the perfect (I hope) fabric to go with the background yardage I had already chosen for my Project Quilting project.

So, last night after the baby was asleep and our dinner guest had gone home, I sat down and started on Project Quilting. I am going to start a page for that project, so you should be able to find it on the main page.


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