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Plain & Fancy


Current Status: On Schedule bom_applique_high-res

Start Date:  January 2015
Techniques: Pieced and Appliqué
Materials: Cotton prints

Block Size: 16″ (with an 8″ center block)
Quilt Size: 82″ x 82″ (?)

Plain and Fancy is a 9-month block of the month program hosted by a local quilt shop, My Sewing Shoppe. Plain and Fancy uses fabric from the Petals and Matrix collections by Quilting Treasures, both of which I like very much. This quilt will finish to 72.5 x 72.5 inches according to the Shoppe’s website, however Quilting Treasure’s site says 82 x 82… so I am not quite sure what size this will end up. It is also possible I may choose to order additional fabric to increase the size of the quilt.

I chose to join this BOM mainly because the fabric caught my eye, but also because I want the appliqué experience. There is no class associated with this quilt, but I aim to have each month’s block completed before I pick up the next. New kits are available around the middle of each month. I will post photos of the blocks below as I complete them.

In addition to the nine main blocks, there are also sashing blocks with both pieced stars and appliqué blocks. The quilt shop that is hosting this BOM had a bit of trouble getting the fabric for the appliqué blocks though, so I got a late start on those. Right now the appliqué blocks are fused and awaiting stitching, and the stars done, so hopefully I will be able to start piecing some of the rows soon!

If you are interested in making this quilt, I found this PDF pattern on Quilting Treasure’s site! A word of warning though… this quilt has a lot of flying geese. If you hate flying geese, this one might not be for you. At the very least, don’t be a dolt like me. Every month I blindly follow the cutting instructions without reading ahead. Then, invariably, I see that once again I have flying geese and I could have made them much faster if I hadn’t followed their cutting instructions, but had instead used one of the many other methods out there for making flying geese faster and easier. See? Dolt. I don’t know why I continue to do this, I typically read ahead with all patterns!


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