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marquise-kit Start Date: April 2015

Status: In Progress; 18 blocks complete

Number of Blocks: 30
Number of Pieces: 1400
Material: Cotton
Fabric: Free Spirit’s Moon Shine by Tula Pink
Technique: English Paper Pieced
Finished Size: 50 x 63

This is my first English Paper Piecing (EPP) project. I have always liked the look of EPP, and the thought of having a little portable project was appealing. I found this kit at a local shop, but you can order it from many shops online if you are interested in trying this out for yourself.

Since this project is all hand piecing, it is going to take a long time to complete. As I finish the blocks I will post them, hopefully at a rate of about one per week. We will see how that goes. If I do manage to keep up that pace, I estimate it will take about a year to complete this quilt top.

The fabrics in the kit are mostly things that I would never have chosen. While I do like some of them, others are just plain weird in my opinion. The two strangest include one with strange creepy deer (seen in block #1) and another with a camping scene that has a few forest critters, including a spraying skunk. However, when you cut fabric into small pieces it can really change ugly or strange fabric prints. Luckily all these fabrics are in two inch-ish pieces, which helps to disguise some of the weirdness. There are still some creepy deer staring out at you though.

So far I have completed eighteen blocks and made a little progress on adding in the “path” that connects the blocks of the first row together. When I talk about the first row, I mean the first seven blocks. Technically, according to the pattern’s instructions, the first row is actually just the solid white and gray path pieces above the blocks. The second row is made up up the blocks, and the third row is the solid pieces again. However, I am not exactly following that row by row construction.

The pattern calls for you to make row one (white & gray), then make row two (first seven blocks), and then stitch those two rows together. Then it would have you make row three (white & gray) and add that to the first two rows and so on. Instead, my method of attack is to essentially make rows 1-3 at the same time, adding in all the gray and white pieces around each block as I join them together. Then, instead of joining all of the next row of blocks together (they are only connected by one piece) before adding them to the growing quilt, I will just add those in one by one and stitch in the gray and white below those as I join them, and so on.

I feel like this will allow me to more easily work on the smaller sections while I am out and about, and then while at home I can work with the larger body of the quilt. Plus, I have this suspicion that stitching a lot of gray and white all at once would get pretty monotonous. Seeing each unique block come together has been fairly motivating; I am afraid that if I stop working on blocks to do a whole row of gray and white, I would lose momentum and stall out.

I apologize for how dark the last two photos are… I need to correct the lighting situation in my sewing room and retake them.

Individual Blocks:

Progress on the First Row:

(okay, technically this is progress on the first three rows… but I would rather just think of the blocks as the rows)

As of May 19

As of May 19


Other Photos:



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  7. mellissa green on

    Hi! I hope you get this request. I have this kit and i have started making the pieces. As i’ve finished much of it, i realized that my pattern is not in my box?!!! I cannot find it anywhere. Can i purchase yours since you most likely are finished making this? it is my first paper piecing project ever and i’m lost as how to assemble them 🙁

    • Robyn

      This has gone to the land of UFOs lol… not sure English Paper Piecing is for me, but I keep telling myself I will pick it up again one day. I already have everything separated out in baggies for each block; I’d be glad to pass the pattern along to you. Send me an email (robyn at hoops and thimbles .com) and we can work out the details.

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