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Japanese Water Garden


Current Status: Top is complete! (Feb 16)

Official Image

Official Image

Start Date:  February 8, 2015
Techniques: Pieced, Paper Pieced, and Appliqué
Materials: Batiks and cotton prints
Size: 42″ x 60″

This quilt was designed by a local quilt shop, Cary Quilting Company, and was part of the 2014 Quilt Carolina shop hop. When I first saw this pattern in my packet of free patterns given to participants, I originally dismissed it. However, later I saw the quilt hanging in the shop and changed my opinion. Perhaps it was the deep colors of the batiks, but I decided I liked it after all and picked up a kit for it.

The kit spent several months sitting around waiting for me to get around to it, but it had plenty of company with other yet-to-be-started projects. Once I was finished with both my Elegance quilt top and my long arm class, I needed something to practice on before diving into quilting Elegance. Japanese Water Garden was a good candidate for it since it should be quick enough to piece together, and was small enough that quilting shouldn’t take too long.

For the appliquéd koi, I decided to just use a straight stitch around the edges. Trying to do a blanket stitch around the fins would have been a nightmare! The red koi didn’t photograph well, for some reason red always plays havoc with my camera. Maybe once the quilt is completed I can try another camera, or photographing outside, or some other trick to get good photos of the fish.

This quilt top took about 8 days (read: nights) to complete, but would have gone a little faster if it wasn’t for a couple non-sewing nights. I did accidentally sew one of the lantern rows on backwards in my rush to complete it, but I haven’t decided if it is worth flipping it around yet. Over all it turned out pretty well, although my stitching on the fish could be a little more consistent. It was good to gain more appliqué practice though! The only other complaint I have about this top is that the adhesive from the fusible web I used on the fish seeped through the material used for the orange fish. It isn’t very noticeable unless you are looking at it closely, but it still bothers me. One more lesson learned I suppose… test your fabric with the fusible!

Now all that remains is quilting it! I am not sure how soon that will happen though, since I am pretty much limited to Saturdays unless I want to take a day off of work… and I have yet to bring myself to take a day off of work just to work on a quilt. The next few Saturdays are booked though, so I don’t have a date yet.

Update 6/14/2015: So my plans for this one changed a little and I never got around to quilting it in the last four months. That is about to change though! This weekend I picked up batting and backing. Luckily the binding fabric came in the kit for the quilt top, so I am all set! Well, assuming I like any of the thread that I have on hand. I have decided to just quilt this one on my home machine, although I haven’t nailed down the exact design yet. At first I was thinking I would do a baptist fan because I have always wanted to try that design out, and it seems like it would fit this quilt. But then I started thinking about other similar designs, as well as wavy line designs since it is water. I aim to make this one my July finish goal, so I will have to decide pretty soon!





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