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Current Status: quilt top is complete, next step is quilting!image421

Start Date:  February 2014
Techniques: Pieced, Paper Pieced
Materials: Cotton prints
Size: 100″ x 100″

The Elegance block of the month program (BOM) was hosted by a local shop, My Sewing Shoppe, and began January 2014. I started a bit late though, so that is why my start date above is listed as February. Elegance finishes to 100 x 100 inches, and includes 11 unique blocks. Aside from one paper-pieced block, all blocks were pieced traditionally.

When I started this block of the month, I had only been sewing about 6 months. As I look back through the blocks, I can see how I improved as the year progressed. I am honestly not that crazy about the colors in the quilt, I mainly joined this BOM for the experience. Each month there was a three hour class, where a teacher was on hand to give us tips and guide us through the making of the block. The class was very helpful and I picked up a few great tips, so I am very glad that I did this program.

I chose this quilt top as my February goal for “A Year of Lovely Finishes.” That, combined with wanting to get it done to show people at my Under the Veranda meeting, gave me the motivation to get this thing put together! As of February 7, the top is complete! I haven’t worked out a way to take a good photo of it though, it is huge! I don’t have anywhere in my house large enough to lay out a 100″ x 100″ quilt top and the weather has been awful for the past couple weeks, but maybe I can think of something soon. For now, I have a terrible photo of it draped across the couch with the foot rests popped out. Terrible photo, I know… but it was the best I could come up with.

Now all that remains is to actually quilt the thing, and then bind it of course. I will be quilting it on the long arm machine at My Sewing Shoppe, but I need to practice with a smaller quilt first. I will either be practicing by quilting my Japanese Water Garden quilt, or with some charity quilts at another local long arm shop. Maybe both! Hopefully I will be able to post photos of quilting in progress soon, but it is probably going to be at least April before I get around to it.





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