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Plain & Fancy – Block 4


I just wrapped up April’s Plain & Fancy block! I still need to do the May block to really feel like I am on schedule with it, but since it is still May I can totally claim that this BOM is back on track as long as I get the May block done in the next couple weeks. The fabric for it is already cut, and it is just waiting for me to start stitching. I would normally consider my deadline for the block to be sometime around June 15, when I pick up the next block… but I really need to get started on the sashing blocks now that I have the fabric for them.

As usual, only the colors and center block differ from the other blocks in this quilt. When I saw the picture on the print out for this one, I didn’t think I would like this block very much. Maybe it was just because the print out had the block done in shades of brown and tan, but I actually really like this block now that it is finished. March is still my favorite, but this one might be coming in second.

The reason the printout had a different color was because this quilt was designed to use the brown fabrics from these collections. However, many people didn’t really seem to like the brown… so My Sewing Shoppe offered a purple option instead. While I did like the browns in the example blocks I saw in the store, I liked purple better. The choice to go with purple did make this block slightly more challenging, as I had to figure out how the brown prints matched up with the purple; not difficult, I just had to be careful to pay extra close attention to the prints on the two lighter fabrics.

I am also noticing a trend with stitching these blocks. I enjoy piecing the center blocks, but when it comes to the borders I always have to push myself to stay on task. It is probably just because I thrive on the uniqueness of the center blocks, but the borders are the same old same old over and over and over again. Even inside of one block it is very repetitive. I love mixing things up and tackling new challenges, so doing the same thing repeatedly weighs on me after a while. Plus, these blocks are time consuming, so I am usually pretty tired by the time I am nearing the end. I finished this one up right at midnight!

Plain & Fancy - April

Plain & Fancy – April