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Plain & Fancy – Block 3


I finally got around to making the March Plain & Fancy block. So far, this is my favorite block. The only thing that changes from month to month is the center block and the fabric color. The border design around the block stays the same. March featured a little pinwheel with some points around it. I really love pinwheels, although I have yet to really make a quilt with them. The fabric was all in blues this time, which I also really like. (the dark color is navy, in case the pictures make it look black)

Thanks to it being Mother’s Day I was able to get away with a little extra sewing time, which I used to knock this out. Pretty much every spare moment I had today was spent on this block! I will put a few making of photos for the center block below, but there isn’t much point in posting any for the outer border because it is the same as all the other blocks.

This still leaves April and May waiting to be stitched, as well as the sashing blocks. My goal is to get those two done this month, and hopefully start on the sashing. As tired as I feel right now though, I have no desire to get started on the next block. I had to push myself a little just to get this one done. Hopefully I will find some motivation to make April’s block soon, because my to do list for this month is pretty long.

Plain & Fancy - March

Plain & Fancy – March



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