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Plain & Fancy – Block 2


I finished the second block for my Plain & Fancy BOM last night. I really could have finished it days ago, but I got sidetracked and it was left neglected with only a few seams left to sew. The Plain & Fancy quilt is a 9-month block of the month. Each month features one block like the one pictured, with only the fabric color and center block changing. You can see more about it here.

The fabric was a little disappointing this month. I still love the prints, but the lighter rose colored fabric warped quite a bit when I ironed it with Best Press. As a result, some of my seams look curved. The medium rose colored fabric did as well, but nowhere near as badly. It wasn’t as horrible once the whole block came together, but I am starting to have visions of the whole quilt being wonky.

It looks like it will be month four before I will be starting on the appliqué blocks. That is disappointing because I am really growing to like appliqué. Of course I still don’t have much experience with it, and by the end of sixteen identical appliquéd sashing blocks I might change my mind. I am still looking forward to it though!

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