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Plain & Fancy Block 1


I was eager to work on this new block of the month, so I spent last night working on Plain & Fancy. It was the first night I have had time to do something other than Project QUILTING since I picked up the fabric last weekend. This block of the month doesn’t have any deadlines beyond my own goals of completing one month’s work before I pick up the next month’s kit. So, I should have been working on getting my Under the Veranda stuff done that I only have 10 days left to do before the next meeting, or working on the Elegance top that I need to get done so that I can start quilting it.

This block of the month features 9 different blocks like the one below. Each one has the same border design, and the same cream colored background fabric, only the center star will differ. I am not sure if any of the fabric is repeated among the blocks or not, but they are all similar in print and the colors are all shades of blue, pink, red, and purple.

It took me all night, but I completed the first block. I haven’t started on the sashing yet, but I have a really good excuse! The shop doesn’t have all the fabric in for the appliqué yet. That is good really, it gives me more time to think about how I want to do the appliqué without it sitting around mocking me. Also, I think I am not really looking forward to the sashing now that it is looming ahead of me. When I signed up for the appliqué version I was thinking, “yay! appliqué experience!” However, now I am thinking, “Ugh, appliqué is going to take forever compared to piecing a pinwheel. And I have to make sixteen of the exact same thing… boo!”

I still think it will look much better than the pinwheels though, and am still glad for the experience. But I can whine about it a little, right?



Plain & Fancy Block 1

Plain & Fancy Block 1, January 2015


For those that would like to see the whole process of piecing this block, here is a gallery. If anyone else is working on this pattern and wants tips on pressing seams or anything else, feel free to contact me.



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