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Pins!! Massdrop Transaction Review















As I mentioned before, I recently found a group buy site that has quilting deals. I ordered some Tulip pins and a couple pairs of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors from them, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect after placing the order since sometimes those type of sites can take forever to ship your purchases to you. For instance, I use to shop with Zulily quite a bit. In the past couple years I have hardly ordered anything from them though, mostly because their product offering isn’t as good as it once was, but also because once you placed the order it was a bit of a black hole. You would order from Zulily, then wait and wait and wait and eventually if you happened to log in and check the status of the order you might see that it had finally arrived at Zulily’s warehouse. Then you would wait some more until they let you know it was on the way to you.

Compared with that experience, Massdrop is much much more enjoyable. They are constantly updating you on the status of your order, letting you know when they send the order to the vendor, and giving you a shipping date estimate. Then they let you know when the shipment has left the vendor, and then when they are packing it up for shipping. Compared to the weeks and weeks I was expecting to wait, without knowing what was going on with my order… right now I am thinking Massdrop is pretty awesome.

The only small blip that I am unhappy about, is really my fault. At least, I think it is my fault. Somehow I had two orders for the Tulip pins, and I didn’t realize it until I was charged twice. In their defense, they did send me two order confirmation emails… but my spam filter caught them both. I contacted them via email, but it took a few days to get a reply. At that point they said it was too late to cancel the order, so I was stuck with two orders of pins. No pun intended. I dislike puns.

Although really, in this instance, I can’t be all that sad about it. Sure it is $20 I didn’t plan on spending, but I am so happy about the pins that I don’t really care. It is almost like I bought myself a late birthday present and didn’t even know it lol. It did teach me that I need to be extra careful and check my account transactions after placing an order in the future though.

In all, the timeline was:

  • August 13 – joined the drop
  • August 17 – drop ended
  • August 18 – was charged, this is also the day I emailed them about the double order
  • August 19 – Massdrop email said the vendor had shipped to them, they expected to receive it on 8/21
  • August 20, 1:34 PM – received a response to my email letting me know it was too late to cancel
  • August 20, 10:00PM – received USPS tracking numbers for my two orders
  • August 25 – packages received

One important thing to note though – the speed of this transaction is of course partly due to the vendor. It is great how quickly Massdrop turned it around once they received the shipment, but they have no control over how quickly the vendor ships the order to them. So while this transaction was turned around quickly, others may not work out quite so well. For instance, I was charged for my scissors on the same day. Massdrop says the vendor has shipped them and they expect them to arrive at their warehouse on August 28. Other vendors might take longer, it is really hard to know what the turn around time will be when you place an order… but so far so good.

If you want to check out Massdrop… I would love it if you used my referral link. One of the neat things about Massdrop is that if five people buy something after using your referral link to sign up, you get a gift. So far I have had six folks use my link, but no one has purchased anything.



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