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Warning… these little guys are addicting!

A couple weeks ago I saw a tutorial for some cute little pincushions on S.O.T.A.K. Handmade, and knew I just had to make some. She used some tiny wooden bowls found at World Market, so I of course started looking for an excuse to go look for some of my own. There isn’t a World Market convenient to home, but it wasn’t long before I came up with an excellent excuse to go to the one about 15 minutes away (in Cary, NC), which is conveniently next door to a Jo-Ann Fabric store.

See, I needed some water soluble tape to make sewing my daughter’s Halloween costume a little easier… and my husband was going to a movie with a friend at a theater near that Jo-Ann… so, perfect! We could meet our friend for dinner, and then they could go their separate way while Anna and I went on a little shopping trip. Aside from the pouring rain that meant I had to juggle 28 pounds of two-year-old, an umbrella, and the beloved balloon they gave her at dinner by myself, things couldn’t have worked out better. The balloon may have been “accidentally” left behind at Jo-Ann before getting back in the car. Oopsies.

We first went to World Market, where all the shopping carts were stored outside in the rain and therefore soaking wet. This meant trying to shop in an area full of breakables with a free range two year old full of curiosity. Anna is pretty good about not messing with things when I tell her to stop, but I felt like a broken record repeatedly saying, “That is breakable, we can’t play with that.” Luckily I found the bowls pretty quickly, just about the same time she became entranced with the wall of non-breakable cloth napkins. I scooped up four bowls in the two seconds I could take my eyes off of her, then checked out and headed over to Jo-Ann for part two of my little shopping trip… where thankfully they had some dry carts for her to sit in. There I was able to pick up some needed supplies like the water soluble tape and some glue to assemble my pincushions.

Acquiring the bowls was the hardest part about making these. They went together in minutes! I had all four made before I knew it. The first one was made following the tutorial’s measurements, but I found that my cushion didn’t end up quite as full as hers did, maybe my running stitches weren’t close enough to the edge… so on the next few I increased the size to a 5.25″ circle of fabric and it came out much better. I am thinking I might pull the cushion out of that first one and do it over. The glue that I used holds it in pretty well, but if I give it a firm tug I can see it separating from the wood, so I am pretty sure it is possible.

These have already proven to be really handy to have around, even though I already had three magnetic bowls and a little mouse pincushion. It seems that whenever I start jumping between my sewing machine and cutting table for pinning larger pieces and such, I always end up leaving my pin bowl/cushion behind and it is never where I want it. Now these little guys are littered about my sewing room and I always have a place to stick my pins! It is still tempting to go grab more bowls, but I think instead I will just keep my eye out for other fun things that I can use as a base for pincushions.


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