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Off the Wagon Already


Okay, so I know I said I wasn’t going to sew anything for the rest of the year except one Christmas present. But then my sister, who was in town for the holidays, spotted the wristlet I made for my mother and asked if I could make one for her. I typically only see my sister once a year, and she rarely asks anything of me… plus a few months ago she went way out of her way to a quilt shop in San Antonio to pick up a Row By Row kit for me. A wristlet is a quick sew, and aside from a zipper I already had everything I needed for it. So why not?

I let her pick out the fabric from my stash… I only had fat eighths of the two she liked for the exterior and lining, so I had to improvise a bit to make the pockets and strap. Since she had requested a pocket large enough for her cell phone, as well as a pocket for cards, I decided to try out the boxed corner version of the wristlet with stacked pockets. Hopefully she will like it! After seeing how roomy this one is, I think I will have to make another to replace the basic one I made for myself. (Pattern: Essential Wristlet by Dog Under My Desk)

And then the wagon ran over me. Once I finished the wristlet I was still in the sewing mood, and had free time. So… I taped a printed pattern together for a t-shirt for my daughter, cut three churn dash blocks for a table runner, and then mostly finished piecing those three blocks. I had fun though! That is what matters.

Side note… I went to a quilt shop and only purchased two zippers. Really. And then, I went to another quilt shop to return a gift and didn’t buy a thing. I even told them to put the credit for the returned gift towards the serger I have on lay away. See? I can follow at least some of my resolutions!


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  1. That is disciplined! The wristlet turned out cute. I promised myself I wouldn’t start another project till I finished quilting a big quilt that’s been waiting. But I realized that we’re having people over tomorrow and since it would take up half the room, I better wait. 😉 So instead I’m cutting up some stash fabrics for a baby quilt that was next up anyway.

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