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My sewing machine got a new little brother yesterday! I’ve had my eye on a Pfaff Passport 2.0 for a long time now, and yesterday I finally got to bring one home. A little over a year ago, my awesome husband gave me a Pfaff Creative Performance for Christmas to replace the little Bernina Bernette I had been using. Regrettably, I sold the Bernina not long after that because I foolishly thought I wouldn’t need two machines.

Then, last February I started going to the monthly classes for the Elegance block of the month. I quickly realized that lugging an expensive 35lb machine to class was not only a hassle, but a little nerve wracking as well. What if I dropped my precious machine? My budget at the time was limited, so I found the best travel machine I could for the price and purchased a Janome DC1050. While it was not a bad machine at all, it fell short of the quality I was accustomed to with the higher-end Bernina and the Pfaff. The Janome did a good job and was far easier to work with than the tempermental Bernina, but every time I used it I was eager to get back to my Pfaff.

The local Pfaff dealer is My Sewing Shoppe, which happens to be .9 miles from my house. That is both awesome and bad for my wallet. Needless to say, I am there a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean even when I just call them they usually know who I am without my saying. Each time I would go in, I would pause and gaze longingly at the little Passport.

A few months ago I went to a class and unpacked the Janome to find that my 1/4″ presser foot was missing. This foot is pretty vital for quilting because seam accuracy is very important, and a 1/4″ foot helps greatly in this. Especially with the Janome, since the default foot was just clear plastic lacking helpful markings. I was going to just replace the foot, but at first the store was sold out and then I kept thinking “well I only need it for a couple more classes, I might as well just take my big machine.” Hauling my big Creative Performance to the last few classes made me want the lightweight (13.9lbs) Passport even more, and my husband was quite unhappy every time I said I was taking it because all he could think about was what he had paid for it. It was during this time that I decided to just go ahead and admit to myself that I didn’t really like the Janome, so I put it up for sale.

The shop owner knew I wanted a Passport, and would occasionally offer me deals on it to tempt me into purchasing one. When I was there Monday buying way too much fabric during the MLK sale, the store manager once again made me an offer. However, my Janome was still up for sale on Craigslist so I told them I couldn’t do it until the other machine sold. I certainly didn’t need three sewing machines, and I wanted to use whatever I got for the Janome towards the Passport.

Then, the very next day someone contacted me about the Janome! It was someone who was just starting out, and the Janome would be her first machine. My Sewing Shoppe let me show it to her in their classroom that same afternoon, and I gave her a mini lesson on sewing. I also gave her my old cutting mat to get her started, along with some Aurifil thread and fabric scraps I had brought along. As soon as she left I immediately gave the money over to the shop and brought home my new machine. Happy!

Now I want to take more classes! I really love this little machine, even though I haven’t done much with it yet. It uses all the same feet as my big Pfaff, aside from the free motion foot. I would never want to do free motion quilting on such a little machine anyway, so no big deal. It also has the Integrated Dual Feed (aka IDT… don’t know what the T stands for. Techonology maybe?) feature, which I love on my big machine. IDT is like a built in walking foot, which helps keep layers of fabric together while sewing because instead of only moving the fabric from below with the feed dogs, the machine also moves it from above with the IDT foot. It also has the usual bells and whistles of a computerized machine.

My most favorite thing though, is such a tiny detail that I didn’t even know about until last night. Finding this little feature made me instantly love it so very much! This wonderful feature is simply that it beeps if you try to sew without lowering the presser foot, and the machine does not try to start sewing. You may be thinking, “What fool tries to sew without lowering the presser foot?” Well, this fool does and I will tell you why. My Creative Performance lowers the foot for me when I press the foot pedal, so I never think about it. For a year of near daily sewing I have been spoiled with this feature, and it never failed that I would try at least once every time I used the Janome to just start sewing without lowering the presser foot. That never turns out well when your fabric is just freely sitting on top of the feed dogs with nothing holding it down. Every time I would silently curse, and then start picking the stitches out while being highly irritated with myself. I have heard others bemoan the same issue, so I know I am not the only one out there.

Plus, it is so quiet! I am really in love with this little machine and can’t wait for the next class. My daughter loves the machine too. Or, at least she loves the box. I think the child is part cat.


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