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New Project: Japanese Water Garden


This 40″ x 62″ quilt was designed by a local quilt shop, Cary Quilting Company, and was offered as one of the free patterns given out during the 2014 Quilt Carolina shop hop. When I first saw photos of this quilt, I was admittedly unimpressed and dismissed it. However, later I saw the quilt hanging in the shop and really liked it. The photos of the quilt did not do it justice at all. They still had some kits available for the quilt, so I picked one up. That was probably four months ago now, but I am finally getting around to cutting the fabric for it.

I needed a practice quilt for the long arm before tackling Elegance, so I decided this one was a good candidate for that. Piecing it shouldn’t take long, and it is small enough that quilting it shouldn’t take too long either. Cutting the fabric is probably the most time consuming part, and I have already run into a couple snags there.

First, there was no black fabric in the kit, even though you need some for the lanterns in the border. Luckily I had some on hand, so no big deal. The second issue is harder to fix though, and could be my fault. I ended up about a half inch short on the dark blue fabric, so I am short a couple 5.5″ squares. I just sent them an email (since it is midnight!) to see if they still have the same fabric. If they don’t, I will have to pick up a replacement batik for the dark blue. Hopefully they still at least have a scrap of it floating around some place. (update: the owner replied early the next morning, they gave me additional fabric and a nice black print that was better than the solid black I had on hand)

Tonight I made decent progress on cutting the fabric, tomorrow I hope to start piecing the lanterns. The main body of the quilt, or the “pond” if you will, has to wait until I get the dark blue fabric sorted out. The earliest I can get that fixed would be Tuesday, since that is their late day and I work 20 miles from the shop. Otherwise, it will be Saturday unless I just pick up a replacement at a different shop.

Once I at least have some of the lanterns pieced I will add a page for this quilt, but for now there isn’t much point. Below you can find some photos of the quilt hanging in the shop. When I snapped these, they were just notes for my own benefit so they aren’t really the best at showing the quilt.


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