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New Bloggers Blog Hop Week 3


It is week three of the New Bloggers Blog Hop! I had my moment in the sun during the first week… this week it is these lovely ladies’ turn. Check them out!


As for what I have been up to… I am still plugging away at those blasted sashing blocks for Plain & Fancy. Last night I finished up the last of the purple stars! That means 48 stars down and 96 left to go; then I get to assemble them into the 24 sashing blocks. The three units that make up each star are already stitched, so it is relatively easy going from here. These have taken longer than I thought they would… I suppose it was overly optimistic to think they would be completed by now.

Thanks to these time consuming blocks my to do list is in danger this month, but I will do my best to accomplish as much as I can. My main priorities right now are to get these sashing blocks done, as well as my July block for Under the Veranda. I guess I will have to update my to do list with some caveats, as I am also on the hunt for fabric to make a quilt recently commissioned by my mother-in-law. The Under the Veranda block will also be a bit of a time consuming pain in the arse this month, so I may not have time to tackle much else.

I am also looking at options for a redesign of this site… 🙂


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