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My New Bag


I needed a bigger bag to carry around my Marquise project, so I decided to make one. After some searching I found the Two Zip Hipster pattern from Dog Under My Desk. The pattern was very well written, so making this bag was a breeze. In fact, I was so impressed with the pattern that I went back and also purchased a pattern for a little wristlet. As soon as I find the right hardware for that, I will make it as well.

The fabric I chose was from Basic Grey’s Persimmon line, which I have always loved but had never found a good project for it. Bonus, it was on sale! The exterior fabric was not only directional, but it also had straight lines. That added a little challenge because I had to make sure I kept everything straight and in the same direction. It all came out surprisingly well though. I am still quite surprised by how well it all came together actually! This is the first thing I have ever made that I honestly can’t find much to complain about.

The bag is deeper than I would normally like, but I needed something kind of tall to stash my Marquise blocks in while I was working on them. It is still too short to fit a completed block in, but I don’t want to carry around a purse that is over 16″ tall! (that is the height of the completed blocks) So, when my Marquise blocks are nearly complete I end up walking around with the top of a quilt block hanging out… oh well.

It features a pocket in the main compartment, which is divided into two slots. One of those slots I sized to fit my phone, which is nice, while the other holds a handful of cards and things that I need to carry around with me. The exterior of the bag has two pockets, one is zipped while the other is open. My little sewing kit pouch fits perfectly into the front pocket, and the zipped pocket makes it easy to get at my bank card and anything else I need to have easily at hand. You can actually see my sewing kit peeking out a bit in one of the photos below because I had dropped it in at an angle. I guess I probably should have taken it out before snapping the photo, but oh well. I was just nabbing a few quick photos while walking to the parking deck after work.

The lining of both the open exterior pocket and the interior pocket was supposed to be the same as the lining for the bag, but I decided to add in one extra fabric since I thought it might look a bit odd to have the white fabric peeking over the edge of the darker fabric. Instead, I chose a black shot cotton (meaning the weft and warp are woven with different colors). Since it is made with two shades of black, it is only subtly different from your usual solid black and the camera doesn’t really capture it.

The camera also doesn’t really capture the true color of the exterior very well, most of the photos make it look lighter than it actually is. The zipper also looks more blue than it truly is in the photos, although I do wish I had been able to find a more closely matched zipper color when making the bag. It looks fine and isn’t a big deal, but I do wish I could have found one the same shade of green as the exterior fabric.

Since it is a paid pattern I am not posting making-of photos. However, if you are interested in making this bag, the pattern has tons of step by step photos to guide you along.




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