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Sashing Star Blocks

Sashing Star Blocks

The sashing star blocks for Plain & Fancy are done! Done!! You don’t understand… they are done! It took me nearly a month, but finally… can I say it again? They are DONE. These seemingly innocent twenty four blocks hold over 1,300 pieces of fabric and many hours of work.

As I mentioned before, my left hand is somewhat damaged at the moment. It isn’t bad enough that I can’t use it, but it hurts and I really shouldn’t be using it. And the more I do use it, the more it (and my wrist) aches. Because of that I wasn’t certain that I would be able to finish these for a while.

There is a lot of bias in the stars, which means a lot of stretch. The inner block of three stars was a good half inch shorter than the fabric strips that needed to be sewn to the top and bottom. Pinning required a pin at either corner, then stretching it to pin the middle, and stretching a couple more times to add pins in between. That was killing my hand.

My husband rescued me! Maybe he was racked with guilt about going out of town for four days, briefly leaving me a single mother. Or maybe he just had some good beer… whatever the reason, I am grateful. He was kind enough to sit with me and stretch each of the remaining 13 blocks out so that I could pin them, and since each had two pieces that meant  he really had to help me pin 26 pieces. Wasn’t that so sweet of him?

Since I was doing the single (exhausted) mommy thing, I really didn’t get much sewing done despite taking a couple days off work. I actually finished these star blocks Thursday, literally sewing the last seam right before taking him to the airport. After the gauntlet of stars though, I wasn’t feeling overly motivated to jump into more sewing… but my barely-dented To Do list was giving me the evil eye. So when I wasn’t sleeping or chasing a toddler around, I tried to get a little sewing done.

There is no way I can get the whole list done, so I am determined to at least get the four most important things done before the end of the month. Number four on the list was my Under the Veranda July block, which I have started. When I say this is a huge block, I am not exaggerating. The block will measure 11.5″ x 55.5″! This is the largest single block I have ever done. It is a long piece of background fabric with a gently curving “vine” running vertically up the center, and about 20 leaves on either side. Right now the vine is stitched on, and the 40 leaves are fused and awaiting stitching. The leaves have two fabrics, so really that is 80 pieces to stitch. Once I am done I will of course post about it, but here is a little preview.



  1. What a sweetie your husband is for helping. You need to find out if it was indeed good beer and what kind so that you can keep it on tap at home 😉 When I saw this post pop up in my feed I was pretty happy for you that you were able to get them finished. Hope you hand/wrist is feeling better.

    • Robyn

      He really can be a sweet guy, I am a lucky one! LOL, maybe he needs a kegerator for Christmas! The hand feels pretty good when it is rested, but by the end of the day it is pretty achey. I hate things like this because I am a terrible judge of when to take an injury seriously. Unless it is bleeding profusely, at a funny angle, or painfully debilitating I have a tendency to just ignore it because I feel like I am whining over nothing. When I was young I fell from a tree onto my back, knocking myself out and bruising my kidney in the process. Once I came to and was able to breathe properly I was like, “I’m good! Let’s get on with things…” But my mother said, “you can’t stand up straight, we are going to the doctor…” So yeah, that’s me and injuries.

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