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So much to do, so little time.


Ugh, I am feeling the weight of all my in-progress projects right now. Probably because I wrote all the different projects on the little white board in my sewing room yesterday, with the idea of keeping myself focused. Instead I just feel a bit overwhelmed.  I did complete the Japanese Water Garden quilt top last night, but haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. The plan was to do that this morning, but it didn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow. I can’t wipe it off the board until I get it quilted though.

Maybe I need another white board to move the things to when they are ready for quilting, or some sort of post-it note system for the different stages. It might make me feel more like I have accomplished something when I finish a stage in making a quilt. Hmm… that’s and idea! At work (I work in software) we break our work down into smaller goals that are more easily achieved in a short period of time, and as we move along in the development process we track the progress by moving it across different columns with labels like “idea,” “in design,” “in progress,” etc etc. I could bring Agile software development principals to my sewing room!

As if I need to add anything else to my list, yesterday I saw the new Project QUILTING challenge is to make something with at least twelve hearts in it. Since then I have been racking my brain and searching around the internets for ideas. Right now I have five possibilities, and one half-formed idea, that I really like. I can’t decide which one to do! It is tempting to just skip it since I also need to get my Veranda and Plain & Fancy blocks done, and the clock is ticking on those as well… but I have been thinking about doing something with hearts recently anyway. Maybe if I ask my husband nicely enough he can help me decide what to do, even though he has no interest in quilting whatsoever. Time is wasting though, I only have five days (read: nights) to complete it at this point. I have to make a decision!

Right now I have my background fabric for the Veranda block laid out on my cutting table, ready and waiting. The rest of it is already cut. Maybe if I at least cut the background fabric tonight I will feel like I have made a little progress on it, and won’t feel as guilty about doing the TBD heart project.


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