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Maybe I Can Finish It In April?


I finally have my machine back! I picked him up last night after a little over a week at the shop. Mance is tuned up and squeaky clean. The report from the service tech went something like, “I can tell you use your machine a lot.” Which means it was extra fuzzy inside I guess. Perhaps I should buy one of those tiny vacuums instead of just using a brush and tweezers to pluck out the lint balls.

Strangely, I am a little sad to pack away my little Passport, but so very happy to have the features of my bigger machine again. Sport is a lovely machine, but I have sorely missed my knee lift and automatically lowering presser foot. Although, by the end of the week I was actually starting to remember that I needed to manually lower my presser foot!

There still hasn’t been much progress on Flower Patch, as I am still dragging my feet pretty hard on it. Every time I look at my design wall covered in flower blocks waiting to be pieced, my ADD kicks in hard core and I suddenly find an hour has passed and I am off doing something that isn’t sewing. That is the thing about ADD I guess. When I am interested in a task, “hyper focus” kicks in and it can be four hours later before I know it and my husband is fussing at me about bed times and responsibility and other such things. However, if I am anything less than interested it is pretty much the opposite. Except for the bed time thing, I am always getting fussed at about that.

First Two Flowers Complete (ish)

First Two Flowers Complete (ish)

I have managed to make myself do a little work on it though. Two of the seventeen flower blocks are pieced aside from the bottom row. This is because five of the blocks need to have rick rack stems stitched into that bottom seam, and I haven’t decided which five are the winners yet. Those five blocks will have leaf blocks below them, and two of the five will be “flocus blocks” with a border around them. For now, my plan is to make that decision as I get a bit further along with the piecing and then go back and chain stitch that last row on the flower blocks.

Bottom Border

Bottom Border

I still haven’t cut anything for the leaf blocks yet. All the pieces for the border rectangles and squares are cut though, and the bottom border has even been pieced. Getting to this point revealed a slight (read: huge) problem though. The only strips I had long enough for the outer focus block borders were black, and a couple whites. The blacks stood out way too much, bringing a bit more focus to the focus blocks than I wanted. And one of the two whites blended into the creamy background too much, creating the opposite problem.

A forum post to one of my favorite boards saved me though. A very nice lady in Oregon heard my distress call and sent me some scraps from a 30’s Playtime Favorites jelly roll. One more example of why the sewing community is so awesome! She had them in the mail the same day. Despite my repeatedly asking what I could do to repay her, she never asked for anything in return. The return address on her package is pretty illegible, so I can’t mail her anything. I don’t even have a last name for her, which botched my idea of checking with quilt shops in her area (based on post mark) to see if she is a customer so I could get a gift card for her.

The scraps were all a tad short for the longer strips I needed, but I can piece some of my own matching scraps to them and make it work. A couple of the prints from the Favorites jelly roll are also different from my 2013 version of the jelly roll, but the coloring is close enough that I don’t think it will be a problem. I am so grateful for these scraps!! They have saved me from having to buy a whole jelly roll (at least $40 with shipping) just for 8 strips of fabric.

At this point I only have 8 nights left to work on this quilt. One of which is a day I have to go out of town. There is no way I will get this done in time to meet my Year of Finishes goal. So, looks like this one is going to become April’s goal. I refuse to quit on it though!


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