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Massdrop (deal alert!)


I still haven’t had a chance to take photos for any project posts, so I thought I would tell you about a nifty new site I found yesterday. This find is thanks to Heather Bailey‘s newsletter, in which she announced a deal for wool blend felt that she was doing through Massdrop in celebration of her birthday.

The short version… Massdrop has a great deal on Tulip pins, and it only lasts for four more days (expires Aug 17). A gift set of six vials of pins for only $20! And when they say this normally retails for $50, they aren’t fibbing.

The set contains two vials each of two different sizes of their tulip-head pins, and two vials of their glass head patch worth pins. The description from their site reads: “In this drop, you will receive 6 sets of pins with a total of 180 pins. There are 2 sets each of pink and yellow tulips and 2 sets of glass patchwork pins. Each tulip vial has 15 pins and each patchwork pin vial has 60 pins.”

If you want to join, the link that will give me a referral bonus after five folks buy something is:

Or, if you prefer not to follow the referral link, then click here: Massdrop Non-Referral Link or just go to

And that is not all! They have another deal where you get to choose not one, but TWO Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors for $26.99: “On this drop, you have a choice of 2 Karen Kay Perfect Scissors. Choose between the Small, Curved, Medium (+$3), and Large (+$4) Scissors. Each of these scissors have one micro-serrated blade and one regular blade, which can be sharpened, and they each have a protective sheath.” I own both the large (purple) and small (green) versions and absolutely LOVE them.


So… what is Massdrop? (aka, the long version)

When I first clicked the link in the email, I must admit I was a little thrown because I was expecting to land either on her site or at least on a product page for a neat bundle of wool felt. Instead, I landed on Massdrop’s home page. That is what I don’t really like about Massdrop… you have to sign up for an account just to see what deals they offer. But, what’s one more internet account really? So, I decided to sign up and see what it was all about.

It turns out this is one of those group buy sites, where the savings increases as more people sign up for a deal. The cool thing about they way they do it though, is that you can “commit” to join only if the lowest price is reached. This means you don’t have to sit around stalking the deal and waiting to see if it is worth joining at the last minute. Another nice thing is that they don’t charge you until the deal ends, so you don’t have to worry about any weird billing stuff if the price drops lower.

The way they choose what to offer is also nice, since it lets users of the site have a say in what is offered. When deals are over, they will run it again if 200 people request it. Users also suggest items, and others vote on them. I am not exactly sure how many people need to vote for them to try to set up a deal for it though.

Of course, the drawback to these group buy sites is the long wait for what you have ordered. No instant gratification here! Once the deal ends, they place the order with the vendor for the exact number needed. The vendor then ships the bulk order to Massdrop, who breaks it down and ships it to their customers. So, not only are you waiting on whatever the shipping time is for the vendor, but you are also waiting on Massdrop to get everything repackaged and shipped out.

Some of the deals are only so-so, but others seem really good. They offer everything from fabric to irons to patterns. The deal that sucked me in was the Tulip pin gift set. I have been using Tulip needles for hand appliqué and English Paper Piecing, and I love them. Every time I see the Tulip pins in the local shops I want to buy them… and have even picked them up and come really close a couple of times before I talked myself down. I have plenty of pins… why spend $8+ on a vial of only 15 pins?

Massdrop has a set of six vials for only $20 though! It is like getting six for the price of two! I am so excited about this! I have no idea how long it will take for me to actually get the pins, so I will have to report back on how that goes. And now I am off to see if there are any other deals that catch my fancy..