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Massdrop 10 Gift Box


So, I never posted about the gift box I got from Massdrop for 10 referrals even though I said I would ages ago. And since I got it so long ago, it means I don’t have photos of the actual items, so I will have to borrow some from Massdrop and the internets. I never could find much out there about what was included in the gift box, which is why I wanted to write this post so that others would know what to expect. Aside from a pair of inexpensive headphones, all my Massdrop purchases have been under the Quilting category. (by the way, the Quilting category also includes knitting and crochet stuff now!)

All items in the second referral box were sewing related, unlike the first box that also contained a pen and notepad. The box contained: (unless I have forgotten something…)

  • A cone of grey Presencia thread, which seems like a great 50wt thread similar to the Aurifil I normally use. This neutral color should be great for lots of projects, although honestly I haven’t even tried it out yet since I haven’t been sewing much of late.
  • Tulip pin gift set, which I needed like a hole in the head. This set was one of the first things I purchased from Massdrop, at which time I accidentally purchased two sets. So now I have three sets of these pins. They are great pins though.
  • Free spirit Modern Solids mini charm pack
  • Ideal Seam Guide set, which I have actually used a few times. I had wanted one of the little guides that you could drop your needle through to gauge where to move the needle for the correct seam allowance, so this was welcomed. I don’t really use the rest of the set though, but it is cool to know I have it around if I should need it.

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