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Marquise Block… lost.


Okay, so I am feeling kinda grumpy and tired right now. It seems like last week a lot of bad juju was going around; most everyone I know was having a really bad week for one reason or another.  Unfortunately, I didn’t escape fully unscathed. I have been sick for a full week now. Yay. And yesterday the coughing started affecting my voice because my throat is raw from it, so that is pretty awesome. This has also affected my sewing in more ways that one. Not only have I felt too crappy to want to do much besides lay in bed and wish for sleep (which is a near impossibility when you have a toddler and an equally sick husband), but I lost a Marquise block!

Last Monday I had a nearly-finished Marquise block with me on my way to work. Just before I got out of my car I foolishly decided to switch the large block to the pocket on the back of my laptop bag instead of having it folded and shoved in my purse. Maybe it was the fog of fatigue and headache that came with the rising fever that day, but I didn’t even think about the block again until I left work early (due to aforementioned fever) and was halfway home. When I looked in my bag, it was gone! Eep!

I tried to tell myself it was most likely waiting for me under my desk, where I had tossed my bag after removing the laptop. It was Friday before I felt up to returning to the office, the whole while I tried not to think about it. It was the first thing I looked for when I got to my desk! It wasn’t there. I was sad. It isn’t the end of the world, but it is quite disheartening to lose hours of work. It also means going through the trouble of tracking down replacement fabric.

Thanks to the lovely Facebook group Sexie-Hexie Tula Magic though, I am halfway there! I posted just to share my sadness, because I knew no one else around me would feel my pain. Until recently I was the only non-male person in my department. That is just the way of the tech world though. As we all know, the sewing-male is a rare creature. The second I start to talk sewing you can just see eyes start to glaze over and the “pretend you are listening” look settles in. That includes my husband, although he is obligated to also pretend to care. I also don’t really have any sewing friends to vent to, and only see like-minded folks when I am at quilt shops… and then I am still in the minority because of the lack of gray hair. And English Paper Piecing further alienates, since most people seemingly don’t want to spend the time on it. This leaves me with the wonderful online sewing/quilting community as it seems to be about the only place I can find groups of people around my age (34) that sew. But, I digress.

Upon hearing my distress, a few people offered to help replace my fabric. The first super friendly person had a lot of the right prints, just the wrong color palette. The next kind stranger had two of the fabrics I needed! She is located in Australia, so it will be a while before it gets here… but, isn’t that crazy and cool how someone on the other side of the world is willing to help a stranger?

Now I am only lacking ‘Doe Eyed’ in tangerine. Strangely, this fabric has no deer in it at all… it is a print with bees. I bookmarked a few sites that still have this one available in case I can’t find it locally. So far the local shops haven’t panned out, but I have one more to try before I give up and pay what will probably be $10+ after shipping for a tiny amount of fabric. Such is life! I am so grateful to the kind souls out there that are willing to help out a complete stranger though. The sewing community is truly full of wonderful, generous people!

Since this has turned into a much longer post that I had intended… I will just do a  quick update on what I have been up to in my sewing room.

  1. Chain stitching… a lot. And now trimming… and pressing… a lot more. I have stitched all 320 half square triangles for On Point, and now am slowly working my way through trimming them down. Since each stitched square is cut to make two half square triangles, this means I am wading through 640 blocks. Three of the fourteen solid colors are done, as well as the black. Boring! To be fair, the pattern did have you break this up into two batches (1.5″ and 2.5″ squares) with some piecing in between, but I decided to just knock it all out at once.
  2. I made three pillow cases using this awesome tutorial. My mother in law wanted to give an 18″ square pillow to someone as a gift, to be used for sleeping rather than as a decorative pillow. She asked if I could make the cases, and I agreed despite having never made a pillowcase. They came out great! I really like the way this tutorial has all seams hidden. Even though a pillowcase is typically a beginner project, I still feel like I learned something new today. I will refrain from sharing pictures, because… BORING. It is just a plain old pillow case in a linen print. For anyone that is interested though, I found that cutting the main fabric to about 20″ x 38″ and the cuff to 7.5″ x 38″ seemed to provide the best fit.
  3. Tracing, fusing, cutting appliqué shapes for Under the Veranda’s June block. More on that later, it definitely needs its own post.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine loosing EPP work. I don’t do a lot of EPP but the few times I have help me identify with how irritating it must be to have lost your block. Did you check the car too? I find things fall out of my bag and end up in the oddest places in my car!

    I can also completely identify with the frustration that no one in your real life understands this problem. I’m the only woman in my group at work (women in tech, we gotta stick together right?) Funny how the “pretend you are listening” look is a lot like the “on a conference call” look huh 🙂

    • Robyn

      No, it isn’t in the car :(. I stuck it in the laptop bag just as I was getting out the of the car, and when I got back in the car I immediately tossed the bag into the passenger seat… where I later noticed it was missing. I am assuming it rubbed against my hip as I walked from the parking deck to (or from) the office and worked its way out of the bag to be lost forever. It is at least a quarter mile walk in which I have to traverse a few sets of stairs and even a tiny “river” that runs through the middle of the complex.

      The tech industry is definitely a boy’s world! In the past I have worked at larger companies with more women, but now I am at a small start up. I am a quality assurance engineer (test software)… I am the only female engineer now, although we did have one other when I started three years ago. Back then I think there were only 4 women in the whole company!

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