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Marquise Block 6


Still making slow progress on Marquise… here is the latest block. I also ordered a couple hundred more paper pieces today, since I am now at the point where I am running low. Right now the papers are all in the outer pieces of the finished blocks, a handful of the gray and white “path” pieces, and the seventh block that I haven’t started stitching yet. That only leaves me with seven unoccupied papers!

Since the kit contained 150 papers, that means I have 143 papers currently in fabric. When I start thinking about the numbers involved in this project, I am always a little stunned. Mainly because, well… 1400 pieces?! And this is only a lap sized quilt. And, secondly, because I have actually stitched 172 of these little pieces together since I started this quilt a few weeks ago.

I honestly expected to only have time to finish maybe one block a week, yet I have already done six! It is amazing how much you can do with the minutes you waste throughout the day. This quilt is going to represent all those little scraps of time typically lost to waiting rooms, riding in cars, watching TV, and so on. Of course, I have also watched more TV and done less machine sewing in the past few weeks than I normally do. Whether or not I maintain the current pace on this project is yet to be seen!watch film Yeidhavan now

Read more about the project here.



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