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Marquise Block 5


I just finished the fifth Marquise block. I am surprised at how fast this is going, as I fully expected to only have a couple blocks done at this point. Instead, in the past two weeks I have completed five blocks! Hopefully I can maintain this momentum and get the quilt done in half the time I had imagined. (this is highly doubtful, but a nice thought)

Now that I am getting closer to having the seven blocks of the first row completed, I am foreseeing a problem with the number of paper pieces I have. While there are 1,400 pieces in the quilt, they only provided 150 papers. This is because theoretically you are making the quilt row by row, taking enough papers out along the way that you can keep recycling them as you go along. However, I imagine trying to carry around more than a block or two at a time will be problematic. This means pretty soon I will probably switch to just working on piecing the rows together while I am at home, and only work on the blocks while I am out and about. Which means I will soon be running short on papers. Guess I will be ordering some more soon!

You can read more about the project here.

Block 5

Block 5


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