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Marquise Block 12



Read more about this project here.

Finally! I finished block 12! It feels good to finally have this block done. This is the first Marquise finish in over a month. This is actually the second time I have done block 12, since this is the one I lost at the beginning of June. The loss of the block totally derailed my momentum, and I lacked motivation to move forward with the quilt thanks to the metaphorical rain cloud that was hanging over the project after that.

Since this was a quilt kit, losing that block also meant I had to hunt down some replacement fabric. None of the local quilt shops had the yellow or orange fabric needed for the block, but an incredibly kind lady in Australia felt sorry for me and sent me the exact number of 2.5″ squares of the yellow and gray that I needed! An Etsy seller had the orange, so I was back in business. Later I stumbled on a fat quarter of the gray material at a local shop, and ended up buying that.

Not using the gray piece so charitably sent all the way from Australia is causing me great amounts of guilt, but once I found the fat quarter I knew I could fussy cut any piece of the print I wanted for the center of the block. The fabric is something I would have never chosen on my own, it is a camping scene with campfires, tents, bears, spraying skunks, frogs, and other things like that.

There was a cute little paper boat hiding in the print though, which I don’t think I had seen in any of the pieces included in the kit. My original piece had a spraying skunk, and the Australian one didn’t really focus on anything. Cutting up a fat quarter of the orange fabric also let me pick and choose, so I was able to have as many bees as I wanted. In the end, I like the way this block turned out much better than the original. It almost makes up for losing the first one.



  1. How distressing to lose a block. I’m glad that you ar.e happy with the new one. It’s wonderful that someone in Australia sent you fabric.

    • Robyn

      It could have been worse I guess, around the same time I lost the block I heard of someone else losing their whole container of basted hexies. This just adds to the story of the quilt though, and every time I see that block I will be reminded of what a wonderful group of folks quilters are.

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