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Japanese Water Garden Progress


Over the past couple nights I have made a little progress with the Japanese Water Garden quilt. As my first post mentioned, while cutting the fabric I discovered the kit lacked black fabric for the lanterns and was a tad short on the dark blue batik. I emailed Cary Quilting about it, and they were of course apologetic and told me to come by the shop for more fabric. So, last night I made the thirty minute trek from work to the shop before going home. The sweet lady at the shop greeted me by name when I walked in, which is always nice and a little surprising since I am terrible with faces myself… and I don’t go to that shop nearly as often as I do others. The fabric bolts were ready and waiting for me at the cutting table.

The black fabric that was supposed to be in the kit for the top and bottoms of the lanterns turned out to be a print that looked much better than the solid black I had already cut at home, so my solid black strip was resigned to the scrap bin. While I was there, I also inquired about whether or not all three of my koi fish were going to fit on the tiny pieces of fabric meant for them in the kit. The clerk also agreed that it looked doubtful, so she printed out the fishies and we spent some time puzzling out how to get three fish out of the kit fabric. In the end we were able to just barely get all three koi squeezed in together. It looks like when I do this for real I will have to draw a square on my fusible webbing to match the size of the fabric, and then draw and cut all three fish together to make sure they fit.

Once kiddo was tucked in bed, I was able to make some progress on the quilt. I had already stitched a couple of the paper pieced portions of the lanterns the night before, so last night I finished up the remaining six. I also pieced two strips of the white fabric to either side of the black, and then cut it into sixteen 1.5″ strips in order to make the top and bottom to the lanterns. I didn’t have time to stitch those on, so that will be left for tonight. The last thing I did before calling it a night was to lay out the “pond” on my design wall in order to see how it all fit together before I start piecing the blocks.


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