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Ice Cream, Ice Cream!


It sure is hot here in North Carolina. I know, news flash, it’s June! Usually though, temperatures like these are reserved for July. The heat index has been up to 108 for a few days now, and I actually caught myself thinking, “Oh good, the forecast is only 94 for Saturday” when I checked the weather. To help beat the heat, I thought I would share a cool treat with you. If you have an ice cream maker, and love lemon, try this recipe! I made it last night, and it was really good. The recipe calls for too much lemon juice in my opinion though, so I suggest cutting it by half unless you want extra-lemony lemon ice cream.

Aside from pulling out the ice cream maker for the first time in two years, this has been an unproductive month for me so far. It is stressing me out. I have already had to edit my to do list for the month, taking Marquise out of the running because at this point I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Losing that block really derailed my progress. I have zero interest in starting a block, nor do I have time to complete the three that I had planned… and having it on my to do list was causing me some angst. Sure I could have continued piecing other blocks and just skipped the lost one until I had replacement fabric, but somehow the thought of that was just depressing. Maybe if I wasn’t already feeling beaten up by this summer cold and the oppressive heat it would have been better.

There is some good news on the Marquise front though. Yesterday I received a little package from a very kind person from down under (Australia) who generously sent replacement fabric for the inner pieces of the block. Yay!! Earlier yesterday I also ordered a fat quarter of the remaining fabric that I needed from Etsy, so soon I should be able to resume work on Marquise. I also ordered a yard of a purple 1930’s print from the same seller as potential binding for Flower Patch. It isn’t from the same manufacturer as the other fabric I used, but maybe it will work.

I haven’t really done any actual sewing since finishing my Under the Veranda block last week, aside from stitching the backing together for Japanese Water Garden. Mostly I have been resting or just trying to keep up with mundane life. When I have been able to spare time for hobbies, it has all been cutting and pressing the 640 half square triangles I stitched up for On Point a couple weeks ago. Now that I am finally in the homestretch, I am getting into a rhythm and finding tricks to make the cutting and pressing go faster. Of course now that I figured out ways to streamline the pressing and cutting, all that I have left is trimming up the last six (of 15) colors-worth of HSTs.

Hopefully I will have something interesting to share with you guys soon! In the meantime stay out of the heat… grab a bowl of ice cream and check out some of the new bloggers from Week One of the New Bloggers Blog Hop.


Update 11:00pm, 6/17/2015: I just finished cutting the last of those half square triangles!! Crossing an item off my to do list has lifted my spirits a bit! By the end it took me about 20 minutes per color set to trim them up, which is about 30 seconds per HST. Unfortunately that still adds up to two hours of standing at my cutting table.



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