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Look at my new pretty seam ripper! A few weeks ago, I pulled the cap off my trusty SeamFix to discover the tip had rusted. WTF? I have no idea how it happened and it was completely unexpected. I had really loved the rubber ends on the SeamFix for pulling out threads, so I tossed a new one in with an order I was placing on Amazon. I think the company that owns SeamFix has changed, and it seems like the quality has suffered. The new seam ripper was disappointing, and I found myself looking at hand made seam rippers on Etsy.

DanandDeeDesigns made this one for me as a custom order using purple dyed box elder burl wood, and I am in love with it. It arrived yesterday, so I haven’t had much chance to try it out yet… a few orphan blocks in my scrap bin fell victim to the blade though. It is super sharp, and the weight of it is nice. It came with two different size seam ripper tips, as well as a stiletto tip. The tips are interchangeable, and you can safely turn the sharp bits inward when they aren’t in use. I love it so much, I could become a little addicted to collecting them. They seem to be a popular item to make, so there are lots of them available on Etsy in all sorts of different woods, acrylics, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. In fact, I ordered a second one from WoodnStitchMN before I even got the first, because I wanted two different styles.

The second one I ordered is made of green dyed spalted birch and has pocket clip, which will be nice for keeping it on my table. Apparently my sewing table has a slight slope to it, because things roll off. This doesn’t stop me from absentmindedly putting my seam ripper down on the table, and then having to pick it up off the floor about every five minutes. I decided I wanted one with a clip after I had already started talking to DanandDeeDesigns about the custom order though, and I really liked this double ended design as well, so I just decided to get two! The second should arrive tomorrow… can’t wait!

I don’t really have any sewing to show off today, but I will tomorrow! The summer mug rug I made for my swap was shipped out yesterday, and should arrive tomorrow, then I will be free to post about it. The post is already written up actually, and it is really hard not to hit the publish button. While I think the chances that my recipient would check the blog before she gets it are slim, I must resist the temptation to show off my creation just yet.

The mug rug is the only thing I had completed since my last post, and that was finished Sunday. Other than that I have been cutting fabric for On Point and feeling miserable because I picked up some bug over the weekend. Again. Life with a toddler! Every time she goes to play with a group of kids, I am the one that ends up sick. And last week she went to play with three different groups between a library reading group, a toddler play group, and a music “class” we checked out to see if we wanted to enroll her in the next session.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The cutting for On Point was a little daunting when I looked at the numbers; all the bits and pieces added up to over 1,400. It has been quite a while since I cut an entire quilt of this size at once, since most of my larger quilts have been block of the months. I am so grateful for my slotted rulers! Thanks to the Shape Cut Pro and a couple smaller versions of the ruler, the cutting went much faster than it would if I was trying to cut it all out with a regular ruler. If you are a quilter and don’t have a slotted ruler, BUY ONE. Now.

The Shape Cut Pro makes cutting strips a breeze. It has slots every 2.5″ and is large enough to cut a folded piece of standard 44″ fabric selvage to selvage. You can whip up a batch of 128 (2.5″) squares in minutes, or 32 (5″) charm squares in even less time. It also has markings every half inch, so that you can easily slide the ruler over to cut other strip measurements. When you combine this ruler with the smaller Shape Cut and/or the Quarter Cut rulers, it really helps the cutting go quickly. And, while I am plugging June Tailor’s rulers… the Perfect Half Square & Quarter Square Triangles ruler is also very handy, and I will be using it a lot while making this quilt. Creative Grids also makes a strip ruler, and the only reason I haven’t purchased one yet is because I have these others. I love Creative Grids though, and it does look a bit better than the June Tailor rulers. So, if this is inspiring you to purchase slotted rulers… Check out Creative Grids’ Stripology while you are at it.

At the moment, the entire quilt top fits in my little fabric box. It is crazy how such a seemingly small amount of fabric will become a quilt. I really need to pick up another ArtBin to store this in-progress quilt. My other two are currently occupied with my extra block of the month fabric. I want to say, “For now this quilt will live in the box while I catch up on my other projects.” but the urge to start stitching up half square triangles is already dragging me towards my sewing machine. My mother in law is on her way to my house as a I type this though, bringing fabric that she wants me to make into pillow cases. So, alas, I do have to do that first… but maybe I can stitch a few while I prewash the fabric? I don’t normally prewash, but it seems like a good idea with something like this.



    • Robyn

      Thanks! I am really loving it… I wasn’t sad at all about ripping seams today 🙂 It seems that some of the Etsy crafters can dye their own wood while others can’t. Dan from DanandDee doesn’t dye his own, but Wane from WoodnStitch does. I know nothing about woodcraft, but apparently you have to stabilize the wood somehow when the wood is dyed. The process is a mystery to me, so I assume it just requires tools that not all people have.

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