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I Officially Have Too Many Projects


With both of my block of the month programs coming to an end, I was thinking that I might finally have time to focus solely on my UFOs and the Christmas gifts I haven’t even decided on yet. None of the upcoming programs at the local shops really appealed to me. The only one that kind of caught my interest Farmgirl Vintage, but I wasn’t as enamored with it as the rest of the quilting world seems to be. Or, at least, I didn’t think I was.

This is one that has been swirling around the internets all year, and the shop that hosts Under the Veranda is going to host this as a BOM starting in October. While it looked like a nice pattern, I didn’t feel a burning need to dive into it and therefore had pretty much ignored the hype about it. However, when I was at the shop for the monthly Veranda meeting the other day, there were some example blocks up on the design wall. I think it was the fabric that hooked me. I sat there staring at the four blocks through the whole class, growing more in love with them the whole time. Before I left the shop, I had signed up and paid my fee. Like I need another project. Seriously, what is wrong with me??


Aren’t those blocks just adorable though?! And look at all the different projects you can do with the blocks! Did you see those potholders? That might just be what I base my Christmas gifts off of this year. I am starting to look forward to this one quite a bit, which is a little surprising since I barely had any interest in this one four days ago.

The shop is going to do 12″ blocks, although I think I will do the 6″ versions because I want to make them all. Or maybe I will make both sizes each month. I am a little unclear on how the fabric will work on this one, since it sounded like they were going to encourage people to use their stash for some of it. The fabric used in those example blocks though…. LOVE it. Since I plan on doing all of the blocks, I think I will start shopping around for fabric options. I might buy enough of that fabric line to do the whole quilt, or maybe I will just pick and choose as I go along, or find something entirely different. Not sure how this one will play out yet. Right now I don’t really have the bandwidth to look into it though… too many other things to do!

In other news… I finished that ECU quilt top for my mother in law! I have been heads down in an effort to knock this one out quickly and get back to my regularly scheduled pile of projects. As a result I haven’t done much picture taking along the way, and I have been neglecting both my blog and other projects. Sorry about that.

The good news is that now it is nearly done taking up all of my time since I won’t be quilting this one myself. The quilt is a twin size, and I don’t really feel like manhandling it on my domestic machine. Normally I would just quilt it myself on the long arm, but paying to have it done will probably work out to be cheaper in this case since it is $25 an hour to rent and I am still pretty slow. So, this is going to be the first ever quilt I send off to someone else for quilting. The current plan is to go shopping for backing on Wednesday, and then drop it off for quilting by the weekend. Then I don’t have to worry about this again until time for binding,

This is my list of immediate priorities in no particular order:

  • find backing for the ECU quilt and get it to the longarmer
  • take photos of my latest Marquise blocks and post them here
  • design a summer themed block and tutorial for blog hop, to be posted Sept 3
  • trim up my July Under the Veranda block, take photos, post it here
  • cut the sashing and border material for Veranda and start piecing the top together

With all that stuff on my immediate list, thinking about Plain & Fancy gives me a little bit of a panic attack. I still haven’t done July’s block or even picked up August’s block, nor stitched the appliqué blocks that I fused together months ago. Next month will be the final block, and then it will be time to put it all together. This one is feeling like a huge weight over my head right now, I hate falling behind on things.

I also still have many many other things that I need to do. Like get back to the quilt I promised my mother almost two years ago, make the lap quilt I plan as a Christmas gift for someone, make the Christmas gifts to give out to my family, make another small 36×36-ish quilt I want to gift to another person before the weather turns cold… and then there are also the things I just want to do, like finish Japanese Water Garden, make some clothes for my daughter, make pillowcases for my daughter, make pillowcases for CoKerr Cancer, or any of the pile of other projects I haven’t started yet. Sigh.




  1. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, right? I just finished garden chores and a trip to the grocery store so this afternoon will be spent in my sewing room. I earned it! I need to finish up my block for the new blogger block hop – I post on Aug 31st! Good luck with your projects!

    • Robyn

      Gardening alone should get you a whole day of uninterrupted sewing time! Good luck with our block as well… I have been tossing around all sorts of ideas, it is so hard! And every time I think of something that just might be good enough, then I become worried someone else has already thought it up.

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