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I Almost Feel Organized


I have been busy organizing! I still have a ways to go, but I have made significant progress in taming the sewing room clutter. As I posted a while back, I have been working on getting Elfa shelves installed in my sewing room. Since I had to work within my crafty budget, I split the shelves into a couple different purchases. When I first posted about this, I had only bought the top track, wall standards, one row of shelves, and a stand alone shelf to put my iMac on. This weekend I bought the rest! This added two more rows of shelves and a utility board (like a peg board).

I also found a nifty wall mounted IMG_8158-0.JPGmagazine holder that is perfect for holding my little cutting board as well as my template plastic. Plus, it is metal so I can use magnets to tack things to it. I am so happy with that find! Before I was just using a binder clip on the edge of the mat to hang it on a Contact hook, which was pretty annoying. You can click these photos to enlarge them. The shelves could still use some organizing, for now I pretty much just tossed things up there without much of a plan. As I learn how I use things I can rearrange them, and possibly work on getting some more coordinated boxes so it looks better. I also want to try out some fabric boards so that I can get my yardage out of plastic bins and up where I can easily see what I have.


There is still plenty of work left to do in the room. The closet is still an atrocious jumble of junk, and will be a whole project in itself. My thread collection is overflowing, so I need to either add another shelf or find a new solution for that. I need a better scrap storage solution, so that I can sort scraps by size. My sewing table is too high, which is probably my next priority. The list goes on and on.

The unfinished bookcase on the end was something I picked up from a local wood shop in hopes of using it as a pedestal for the sewing table. It was too tall though, so I just got some cheap table legs from Lowes instead. As you can see, I never got around to painting the bookcase either. The tentative plan is to have a couple bookcases made that are shorter and wider, but maybe I will just save my pennies and have a whole table built. For now, I put my foot pedal on top of a foot rest I already had so that I could raise my seat for a more comfortable sewing position. It still strains my back though.

IMG_8159-0.JPGSince the book case doesn’t really have much of a purpose now that I have all my nifty new shelves up, it ended up holding my fat quarter collection and some other random junk that hasn’t found a home elsewhere yet. Perhaps it will make a good home for the rest of my fabric as well, once/if I get it on boards or find a good way of folding it. My “design wall” is also in need of work, which is what that white fabric on the wall is in those photos… in case you were wondering.

The original plan for the design wall was to wrap foam insulation boards with batting, which is a pretty common method. The trouble is that insulation boards are pretty huge, and I wasn’t sure how I would go about getting one home. IMG_8161.JPGThe answer there is that I would probably need to have them cut it at the hardware store. At the time I didn’t want to deal with all that though, and just tacked the batting up on the wall, rolling the excess on the end so that I would still have plenty left to wrap around the foam boards once I got them. It works, so I haven’t been too worried about getting the foam boards since I had more pressing things like shelves to worry about.  Maybe I can give that some attention now that I feel like the rest of the room is finally at a place I could almost call organized.

Aside from all this organizing, I have also been working on my second Plain & Fancy block. That is nearly done, so I will post about it soon!



  1. It’s interesting to see how other quilters are organizing in a small space. The things in my space are things that have been repurposed. The exception is my sewing table which was the floor model for my machine that I bought when my dealer retired and closed the shop.

    • Robyn

      Isn’t it? I am always ogling the organizational eye candy on Pinterest. It is easy to drool over those fancy magazine-cover-esque spaces, but I especially love seeing how real people organize their craft areas. Right now I am just happy that I can walk across the room without tripping over boxes and piles of fabric!

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