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Abbreviation for “Block of the Month.” This is a program in which participants create one block of a quilt each month. Some BOMs include a class or lecture each month, while others simple hand you a packet of instructions when you pick up your material. This and other details for BOM programs can vary widely.

Most BOM’s have participants creating only one block each month, but others may require that you make multiples of that one block. Of the BOMs I talk about on this site: Under the Veranda only has one large block made per month; Elegance provided one block pattern each month, but participants would make 5, 8, or even 16 of that same block for the month; and Plain & Fancy only has one block each month, but also has smaller blocks used in the sashing that are also distributed across the 9 months of the program.

Typically BOMs include the fabric needed for the block, but some programs also provide all the material needed for the borders, sashing, backing, etc. Elegance even included some free time on the shop’s rental long arm machine so that we could quilt it. Yet other programs just give you instruction on the block and leave everything else up to you.



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