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Flower Patch Quilting is Done!!


I finished quilting Flower Patch today!!

I don’t have a good picture yet, this one was taken by the APQS dealer. It is a little blurry, but you can get the idea. The quilt is roughly trimmed up now, just to get rid of the excess batting and backing fabric… it is much easier to fold up and store without a ton of floppy fabric and binding hanging off the edges.

Overall it came out okay, considering it is my first real long arm effort, aside from the few small charity quilts I have done recently for practice. I am also equally new at free motion quilting (FMQ), since the only previous FMQ I have done was one small wall hanging during Project QUILTING, and a Lattice lap quilt I did about a year and a half ago. The lap quilt was the second quilt I made, so I was still learning at the time… if I were to make it again, I would probably go with straight lines (in fact, I really am tempted to make it again!). The quilting on the lattice quilt was just a large (and horrible) basic meander that I did on the little Bernina Bernette I had at the time, while the wall hanging was done on my current Pfaff Creative Performance.

Below, the photo to the left shows a bit of that quilt that I did so long ago with the plain old basic meander. The middle shows the more recent example, which is better… but the stitch length is still horribly varied. The photo to the right shows a close up of Flower Patch’s quilting, which actually has a design and benefits from the wonders of a stitch regulator. There are plenty of mistakes in it, and I see every one of them. It bothers me to no end… others have been complimenting me on it though. It is hard to tell if they are just being nice, or if they are just saying it is good because they know how new I am at it. Can you tell I have trouble taking compliments?watch full L’ora legale film online

The next step is to figure out what material I want to use for binding. Do I want to do a solid? A 30’s print? I don’t know! Every time I say, “I am thinking of going with…” I immediately change my mind. Somehow my brain is making the binding fabric choice a blocker. There are some quilting mistakes in it that I need to go back and fix with a hand needle, as well as a few loose threads that need to be buried. But I have absolutely no motivation or will power to even consider doing that right now, the little voices in my head just demand I figure out the binding before I even consider touching the quilt again.

So, for now, I am going to put Flower Patch aside and focus on other things for a week or so. For instance, I really need to quilt the mug rug I am making for a swap that I need to ship out on June first. Then I will tackle the binding decision. My Under the Veranda meeting will be this coming Saturday; I plan to take it with me then and see if the shop has anything that will work. Hmm… taking it for show and tell just might be good motivation to get those little things fixed sooner rather than later!! So scratch what I said before. Now the voices in my head are telling me that I can’t possibly go show the quilt to others until I can remove all the little bits of orange masking tape that are marking things I need to correct.

In other news…

IMG_9684.JPGI also have started on the appliquéd sashing blocks for Plain and Fancy, even though I had planned on waiting to start those in a week or two. The motivation struck, so I seized it even though I should have been working on the aforementioned mug rug. About halfway through cutting out the four hundred and some odd little pieces though, I was once again cursing my decision to do appliqué. When I say “little” I am not being facetious. The leaves were so tiny that when it came to fusing them I actually used tweezers to place them. How on earth am I going to handle stitching these little tiny pieces? That is a problem for another day though… right now all 16 (6.5″) blocks are fused and ready for stitching. Sometime soon I will have to start playing with different stitch sizes to see if it is even possible to blanket stitch these things down as I had planned; I have a feeling at least some of the pieces will end up with a straight stitch.


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