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Flower Patch is Done!


First off, Flower Patch is finished! Well, the quilt top at least. It has happily been crossed off my UFO list, folded up, and tossed on top of my little pile of tops waiting to be quilted. This means my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes has been met! (so what if it was supposed to be March’s finish) Now I just need to get around to taking a photo of it by the end of the month so I can post it on their link party. I think my May goal will be to complete the quilting for it, but don’t hold me to that just yet.

The tentative plan for now is to order the backing fabric for Flower Patch sometime this week, since I couldn’t find anything suitable locally. Ordering fabric online is always a little scary since you never truly know what it is going to look like without seeing it in person. The fabric I have chosen is from the same line though, just not from the same year, so I am not too worried about it. Once I get the backing material, I will be all set for quilting on the long arm. I just want to do one more charity quilt as practice first, which I will be doing next week. It is exciting to be close to a real finish! I hate to admit it, but I have never finished anything larger than a lap quilt and aside from that little baby quilt last month, it has been far too long since I completed any quilt larger than a wall hanging.

This leaves me in between projects. What should I do next?? I have two UFOs left before I start breaking into the kits I haven’t even started yet, but I am not very excited about either one. One is a twin sized Thangles quilt that was a block of the month last year, but I grew to dislike the fabric more and more as the quilt progressed. The thought of working on that quilt brings no joy. The other is a king sized quilt that I promised to make for my mother. I actually like that quilt, but it is just so huge it feels like a monumental task. Do I start the Thangles quilt because I should be able to knock it out quickly? Do I do the quilt for my mom because, well, it is for my mom. I am kind of thinking the latter at the moment.

I do kind of have a project already though… I have been playing with English Paper Piecing for about a week now, and I broke my own rule a few days ago (not to buy a new large project until all of my UFOs are complete) by picking up a quilt kit. I couldn’t help it! It was $40 off! This gives me something to work on without being in front of my machine, but this is going to be a long term background project since hand stitching 1,400 pieces isn’t exactly a quick thing. The kit is pretty nice as it includes all the paper pieces and precut fabric. I still find myself trimming the fabric a bit because I don’t like how much excess fabric is in the seams… but it is much easier to just trim a few sides than it would be to cut 1,400 little bits of fabric.

My first task for the quilt was separating all the fabric into little baggies for each block. I grabbed the first of those baggies yesterday and started stitching while watching a movie, and then while letting my husband play family chauffeur today. This has yielded a mostly done block; just eight more pieces to stitch in. Eighteen pieces down, thirteen hundred and eighty eight more to go. My mother in law quipped that it would take me five years to finish it when she saw me stitching today, and she might be right! These photos aren’t much to look at, but I thought I should at least show something.

Oh, and I might have broken my rule with one other thing… I bought a pattern for an adorable ABC quilt designed by Amy Bradley. I am telling myself it is okay since I don’t plan to start the quilt until my UFOs are done. And it is for my 19 month old daughter’s education, of course, so it is totally a sacrifice on my part.  It looks like Amy has tons of adorable quilts, a few of which were in the local shop that I found the pattern at. The actual quilts made by Amy that is, not examples made by the shop. Her work is truly gorgeous, and I can’t wait to start on this new project. If I manage to do it justice, I will have to pick up some of her other patterns as well.


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