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Flower Patch is Done!!


I finished a quilt!! I finished!! This is my first real finish in a long long time, so I am pretty excited about it. Plus, the quilting looks pretty awesome (for a newb like me anyway) after washing the quilt. You can see the blow by blow of the making of this quilt over on this page. I don’t have any good photos yet, since I only finished it last night (at 2am!) and just washed it this morning. It has been a busy day, and frankly I am not really sure how/where to photograph it. Since this quilt is directional, I feel I should find some place that I can hang it in a way to photograph its full length.

In the meantime, here are some preview photos…



    • Robyn

      Thank you! I am not sure it is really dedicated so much as a combination of being a night person and ADD with a tendency to hyper focus on things that interest me. Time just disappears when I am in the middle of a task like this!

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