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Flocks Upon Flocks of Geese


First, I give you some pictures of my almost-2 year old daughter enjoying Flower Patch. Anna absolutely loves quilts! We draped it over her little table to make a fort for her, and she has been having a lot of fun with it. At first she just stood there for a bit rubbing her hands across it, enjoying the texture of the quilting.

Then she discovered how much fun it was to crawl under it! Sometimes she will pull it down from the back of the couch and say, “Please? Help?” as she tries to put it over the table by herself. Other times she will just pull it over herself while she plays with toys on the floor, or will pull it over her head to play peek-a-boo. Adorable!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been drowning in a sea of never ending flying geese. As I posted before, recently I cut the (1,368!!) pieces for the Plain & Fancy star sashing blocks. The sashing blocks each have have three stars; each star consisting of four small flying geese around a square to make the star. Multiply that out by the number of stars in the entire quilt and you get 288. For some reason I decided to make them all at once, instead of breaking them into the four batches you are supposed to for this block of the month. Something must be wrong with me.

Now that I have started down this rabbit hole though, I am determined to finish them before I piece anything else for my other projects. Since I dumbly followed the cutting directions given in the Plain & Fancy pattern without reading ahead, I am piecing these individually. Why oh why don’t I ever learn to read before cutting?! There are so many faster ways of making flying geese.

Flying Geese Construction

Flying Geese Construction

Finally though, the end is sort of in sight. Far away on the horizon, but visible. Barely. If you have never done flying geese, each one requires that you stitch a square to a rectangle… trim the corner off, iron, and repeat for the other side. This is pretty time consuming, especially when doing this many at once. Then, on top of all that stitching, trimming, and ironing the flying geese you still have to stitch stars together which requires even more stitching and ironing.

There was no way I could deal with doing all that at once, so I have been tackling it in chunks. Last night I finally ironed the last of the flying geese! And a good portion of the assembly for the horizontal units that make up the stars has been accomplished as well. I still have a long way to go, but at least I finally feel like progress has been made. (the stars are done like the center block of month 6)

Now for further proof that something is definitely, utterly, wrong with me. As if I don’t have enough unfinished projects, I am taking on a couple more! Last weekend my mother in law asked me to make a quilt for her, to give away as a Christmas present. In addition to that, I had already decided to make a small lap quilt as a Christmas gift to give someone myself.

For this month at least I will continue on my current course with my projects, but soon I will have to switch gears and knock out these two Christmas gifts. One of which I will be able to blog about, but the other will of course have to remain a secret until after Christmas.


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