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Elegance – This quilt is going to be huge!


Tonight I didn’t have much time to work on sewing stuff, but as it approached 10:00pm I decided I had to get at least a little something done. So, I pulled out the Art Bin that contained all my Elegance blocks. I tossed the bit I had already pieced up on my design wall, separated out all my blocks, and pieced together another row. Sure it isn’t much progress, but it is one more row than I had!

I am only 4 rows in (5 technically, if you count the corner triangles) and I am already beginning to see how huge 100 x 100 inches really is. The example quilt that was hanging on the wall at the quilt shop has long since been taken down, so I suppose I had forgotten how big it was.

This will be the largest thing I have ever made. It should definitely be interesting trying to wrangle this thing as it grows larger and larger. I have a sneaking suspicion I will end up at the kitchen table before this is over, if my husband can be cajoled anyway. It hasn’t been that long since he graciously moved his computer to the bed room so that I could have what was previously our “computer room” all to myself for sewing. The only reason he was so willing to accommodate me was simply to get all of my sewing stuff contained in one room, and out of our kitchen and living room!

I was dragging my feet on this one, but now that I am actively working on it again, the motivation is starting to come back. All the blocks I have laid out on my cutting table tonight are going to stay exactly where they are for now. If I pack them away again, who knows when my focus would swing back around to this and I really need to get it done while the option for free long arm time is still available to me.

Tomorrow I should be getting a shipment of fabric I ordered to make a stroller quilt, which I obviously can’t really start working on unless my cutting table is clear. So, this is my strategy for continued motivation! If I want to start on a cute little quilt, I had best get the Elegance top finished! Since I am really looking forward to seeing how the little stroller quilt comes out, perhaps it will be the proverbial carrot on a stick that will help me get Elegance knocked out more quickly than I would otherwise.


Elegance Layout Progress

This is the layout for the quilt. I have been marking each row off as I complete them. Since this whole thing is on point, I am having to learn a knew way of thinking as I piece them together. I am accustomed to straight horizontal or vertical rows, but these are all on the diagonal. As I go along, I find myself double and triple checking myself against this black & white layout and a color photo of the completed quilt. I already made one mistake when my eye skipped ahead a row, and I stitched in the wrong block. Since then I have started crossing them off to try to keep myself from making that frustrating mistake again. Below is a photo of the progress so far on the quilt. While I pieced the row I mentioned tonight, I haven’t actually attached it to the rest of the rows yet. I am simply too tired right now; it is approaching midnight and the morning alarm is going to come all too soon. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday! (Not that weekends mean much when you have a toddler!)



Elegance quilt in progress


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