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Elegance – Good Progress on Top


Today, thanks to an extra long nap for my 16-month old daughter, I made pretty good progress on piecing the Elegance top together. I didn’t join any rows to the completed section, I just worked on getting the rows completed. I didn’t want to lose time ironing seams, so I just plowed through as many rows as I could and left them in a pile waiting to be joined together. At the moment I have one and a half rows left to piece. Yay! So close!

Why did I leave a row half done? Well, I was getting tired and found myself not caring about losing the points of some of the triangles in the seams. That is always a sign that it is time to quit. When you stop caring about how it looks and just get in a “get it done” mode, you will always regret it later on. I think I made sufficient progress to earn a break from it though, which is probably good since it is almost 11pm now and tomorrow is a work day.

I even found time to do things other than sew today. Too bad kiddo can’t take a three hour nap every day. After she awoke, we dropped her off to spend time with her grandmother and great grandmother. They live in a neighboring town, which gave me a chance to stop at a quilt shop there. Since my husband came along, following me around mechanically while he surfed the web on his phone, it had to be a quick trip. Plus it was close to closing time.

Cary Quilting Company is a charming little shop, which resides in a converted old house in the downtown district. The shop consists of four rooms, plus some upstairs classrooms that I haven’t seen. Each room contains bolts of fabric organized by color and/or type, and then of course they have notions and patterns and such scattered throughout. I did a quick browse-through of each room, aside from one that I intentionally avoided because it is all fabric and I am really trying to stop myself from purchasing any more projects right now. I have five unfinished quilts, plus two block of the months, and I can’t even hazard a guess on how many projects I have all the materials for that are patiently waiting. Which means I have to mentally slap my hand repeatedly every time I step foot in a quilt shop these days.

I did pick up a few things though. First was my main intent of the trip, which was to pick up a needle threader they had ordered for me last time I was there. I also spotted a bin of scrap fabric bags, which I couldn’t resist digging through. One bag was full of good sized green scraps, and it looked like it would be perfect for leaves and stems… so that is now part of my stash. The last thing was a quilt pattern, which is a gray area in my “no new projects” rule I have created for myself. Zoey’s Zoo is probably one that I would not have picked up by looking at the pattern cover, but they had an example of the lion quilt hanging in their hall and it was just so adorable. And given my recent appliqué class, I guess I had appliqué on the brain. Now I just need someone to have a baby, and choose a nursery theme that gives me an excuse to make a version of this quilt.




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